Space Marine Redemptor Dreadnought Build


Loving it matey. Really coming together. You gunna do any weathering or battle damage?


I might do a few bits and pieces, but nothing too much. I like the nice clean look of it all. Focusing on the highlighting and getting some shade around the place.

Only the Heavy Onslaught Cannon and outstanding bits for the torso left to do, then it’s on to the Reivers!


Send progress report please! (Unless your hands are otherwise engaged of course :beer: )


All going well, I’ll have the HOC finished this evening… That means that there is only the stormbolters and missile launcher left to do and it’s done! :smiley:


It’s finished! At fucking last. I was getting really impatient finishing off the Havoc Missile Launcher…

Anyways, here it is.

That’s meant to say “Tempest”…

Went for a super simple paint-scheme.


I either need better brushes, a steady hand, or thinner paints. Or possibly all 3.

Almost straight lines…

And in honour of @vredesbyrd he who was fucking awesome and got this monster for me…


now onto the Reivers!



numbers etc


I’m not even sure what so say, that’s fucking awesome dude…thank you!!!

Christ. I love it!!!