Speak to me about Spotify

Amazon have removed the recommendations system I used to find new music which, if used properly and often, really worked. No I’m reliant on word of mouth or the rare occasion that Youtube throws me something new.

I’ve been waiting on what is happening with Pandora (which is apparently very good for eclectic music tastes) but that doesn’t seem like it’ll ever materialise.

What worries me about Spotify is the variety. I listen to a lot of varied stuff and was put off in the past after finding their catalogue doesn’t include a bunch of the obscure stuff I listen to but this was years back now.

How is their catalog these days?

If you could boil it down to the three best and three worst things about the platform, what would they be?

I’m heavily tied to the Amazon ‘ecosystem’, with subscriptions and a lot of purchases, so I’m reluctant to jump ship even if I can dump my bought collection out to my NAS - I have A LOT of stuff through the Unlimited subscription as well.

Why not try it for free? I pay monthly to dump the ads but I find a lot of my old music.

Search around on it; if you don’t find what you listen to, then dump it - nothing lost

I’m going off really, really old probably rubbish info: Is it only ads that make the free version free or is the catalog limited as well?

For some reason I’ve always had it in my head that some stuff is paywalled.

As far as I am aware - its just the ads. I have not found anything prohibited unless taken down at request of the artist.

from my experience trying the free experience i wasn’t able to choose a track i wanted to listen to and was locked into a shuffle also ads


Al - name a couple of songs you want to listen to and I will see if they are there

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Just found a page where it would let me search and google a few obscure ones myself. They had each one but then I noticed that the monthly is £9.99 which is a couple of quid higher than Amazon Unlimited.

Gonna give it a go and see how the recommendations work.

Thanks for the shout on that @Reno .


If I remember right, the spotify premium benefits are being able to select songs on mobile devices rather than just shuffle, being able to make playlists of your own, higher quality streaming, no ads…that kind of thing! Depending on your desired use, you’ll probably get along fine on free, at least to try it out.


Being able to download songs on to a device to play when you have no data connection available is the biggest advantage of paying IMO.

Especially if you live anywhere that still doesn’t have decent 3G coverage, let alone 4G (curse you, mobile networks!)

Yeah, I asked this same question of a friend who was using it at my house about a year ago. Was drunk (obvs) but I remember going through my reservations and testing bands I listen to (didn’t bother with hard to find, I’d rather just buy their stuff) and came away completely convinced. Bought premium, never looked back.
Main feature for me is playing stuff through home wifi Bose speakers, blutooth at work speakers and running playlists. Pluss it notifies me when new tracks from liked bands drop.

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