Speaker issues

My trusty old creative is doing a naughty. Essentially, I keep getting a big ass “thud” at no specific interval, but a few times per minute. It sounds like a sudden disconnect / reconnect. I’ve tried all wires - nowt seen.

Only change to the entire power shizzle is that I’ve changed a now tv box to a now tv stick. DEFO sounds like a power drama. I have a bajillion cables into a tower, have plugged in tio a different socket or 2 - no difference. Is DEFO like power is intermittent. I think I’ve suffered before - but about a bajillion years ago, so can’t remember what I did ti solve it, and am our of ideas.

Plz halp

Can you plug them into another socket anywhere else and test them with something other than your pc (phone/stereo?) to see if they still do it?

I don’t know - I will have a look.
They even do it when pc is off. I have to unplug them to stop the noise…

Doing my head in now. And it’s not “specific” so no definitive time period that it happens. Could be every 3 seconds, could be 5 minutes…

Reet. Is not changed.

So, possibly looking for another set up. Creative site is showing 5.1 for £60, tenner reduction. https://uk.creative.com/p/speakers/inspire-t6300

I want surround, so any other recommendations? I got a couple of items on ebay that I’m watching, but if they within £20 of a new set in the linky, aims go for new for warranty.
Anyone else any recommendations?
Just to plug in to on board sound card and solely for pc use.

Ta! :grinning: :sunglasses:

Edit:- or do I go full out with this - Logitech Z906 Stereo Speakers 3D 5.1 Dolby Surround Sound, THX, 1000 W, Ideal For TV and Living Room https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B004MY4PU6/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_vhYoDbMRWBMTV

HELL of a saving and great reviews…
This would likely scupper any plans for rift s unless I sell my xbox 1. Which I am happy doing…

I R got these ones

Dont use them for PC but as home system. VERY LOUD and great :smiley:

Spensive, mind!

O and TBH, I don’t need loud :wink:

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If you are willing to drop the need for surround, I would pick up a pair of these:

Not cheap, but very very good. I have had a pair of series i for many years now and am still very impressed with the sound quality.


I NEED surround. :cry:

Just going to drop this in here as my drunken night of tunes has been made superb by my T20s. If you want the best stereo speakers, T20s or T40s can’t be beaten.


Got issues on Z906.

Got no sub nor surround. Uninstalled realtek driver, reinstalled. Windoze showing 5.1 config.

All I have done is bring PC back from missues place, where I was using with headphones. Headphones not plugged in now. I have sound, but when hitting test on each speaker in 5.1, nothing from centre nor rear 2 nor sub. Wires are configured right. Control box showing ok, input is correct.
However, control box NOT showing surround speakers (it’s got lights to show how it’s working). it’s also in 3D mode.


Seems to have noise from sub etc, but on windows sound test, still nowt…