Speaker issues

My trusty old creative is doing a naughty. Essentially, I keep getting a big ass “thud” at no specific interval, but a few times per minute. It sounds like a sudden disconnect / reconnect. I’ve tried all wires - nowt seen.

Only change to the entire power shizzle is that I’ve changed a now tv box to a now tv stick. DEFO sounds like a power drama. I have a bajillion cables into a tower, have plugged in tio a different socket or 2 - no difference. Is DEFO like power is intermittent. I think I’ve suffered before - but about a bajillion years ago, so can’t remember what I did ti solve it, and am our of ideas.

Plz halp

Can you plug them into another socket anywhere else and test them with something other than your pc (phone/stereo?) to see if they still do it?

I don’t know - I will have a look.
They even do it when pc is off. I have to unplug them to stop the noise…

Doing my head in now. And it’s not “specific” so no definitive time period that it happens. Could be every 3 seconds, could be 5 minutes…