Spec help

Ok. So I have my CPU on the way, Ryzen 5600x. Just trying to decide on next set of bits and indeed bobs.

I think I have settled on the Asus Rog Strix B550e Gaming. Again from Currys with 7% should grab that for £186 which I think is pretty decent value.

But as for RAM? Not entirely sure. AMD specify that the cpu is good for 3200MHz. To be honest I dont really think I will be fussed about Overclocking and not sure Id notice any real world difference in anything. So Id be happy with that.

Saw these on Scan? Seem a reasonable price for 32GB RAM? Also shiny lights add FPS. Was looknig at just the Vengence LPX jobbies which on SCAN are £137.99 for 2 x 16GB at moment. So for the difference. Any views? other suggestions?

That should do it, but low CAS 3600 seems to be the sweet spot.

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I have heard that but would probably looking at CAS 14 really?

I mean CAS 16 for this kit at 3200 v a 3600 at 18 is the same true latency. But of course getting higher ram speed. But is it really worth paying more for? I mean its only £15 more for the 3600 kit at 18. But still thats £15 I can put towards NVME drive. I think either way I wont notice. But I guess just dont want to mess about with technically non-recommended parts.

I have always thought that more small capacity chips is a better way to go? 4 x 8Gb is better than 2 x 16Gb. Maybe that is a hangover from the past?

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yeah i agree. Just didnt seem to find many sets that were decent price. Might have to look harder.

Actually can get the non RGB vengence 4 x 8GB for £153. Which I could consider.

Again though. These kind of difference probably show up in benchmarks and people concerned with marginal gains. Will I really notice any difference? I mean I will definetely notice shiny lights!

2x Dual rank (2x16GB) is generally better than 4x single rank (4x8GB), provided you keep Infinity Fabric to Memory clock at a 1:1 ratio.

If you go for 3200MHz, you want CAS14. 3600MHz can be either CAS16 or CAS18 as they both give the same effective latency (within 1ns of one another).

Unless you are willing to spend hours manually tuning the timings, go for the cheapest kit of the lot, as without that effort the general performance difference in most titles equates to no more than 3-4%.