Spotify User - find a free way to convert to MP3



I was searching around to find music to put on my wife’s basic MP3 player.

As I am a subscriber to Spotify (no ads - 10 quid a month - worth it!) I wanted to see if I could transfer the songs to her machine but to no avail, until…

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When you go to the site, click left once and the free one will appear and download it - PC only.

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They must be in partnership with Spotify to allow this. There is a premium version for 35 dollars.

The only down side that I have found that with the free one, it will search spotify to find the song but it may not be the same as you have saved in your playlist - most of the time its fine but on a couple of occasions, it brought back an acoustic or live performance.

but hell its free!


They are certainly not partnered with Spotify. Why would Spotify allow you to subscribe for 1 month, download a massive catalog of songs with no DRM, and then just cancel? They wouldn’t.

Read this:

Effectively, they are matching up songs from your playlist and then downloading them from another pirated source. Hence why the songs might not match up with your playlist.

My advice would be not to use this service

If you google the company behind this site, HICHINA ZHICHENG TECHNOLOGY LIMITED, you find various scams that they operate.

I won’t delete this thread so that others can be warned and aware. The website looked reasonably convincing in all fairness - but you should always do due diligence on a service you’ve not heard of before.


Thanks for the heads up… time to uninstall!