SQUAD Beta 17 Update Released

Hey All,

It would be great if more ZiiP members were interested in Squad. It would be just like the old Project Reality days. :smiley:

Check out the new SQUAD update just released. Commander role deployed! https://joinsquad.com/


We’re introducing a new leadership role that is focused on planning, keeping the team on task, and bringing just the right amount of reinforcement. The intent for this role is to keep intel flowing between the various Squads, and, in ideal circumstances, Commanders can create a dynamic plan for the entire team to follow.

We envision that this role can be played in a variety of styles, we have intentionally kept the options open for players to experiment with. For example:

  • A Commander can keep their squad size very small to primarily focus on keeping the rest of the team in the loop on enemy intel markings, planning new FOB build locations, coordinating air assault drop points, using the UAV to mark and scout enemy locations, as well as providing devastating fire support through artillery and airstrikes.
  • The Commander role could be used by a Squad Leader that still has a full squad fighting in offensive or defensive situations. This “frontlines” Commander would still be able to help augment the team through the use of his Commander actions and keeping each squad on task, but with a more direct engagement in the battle.
  • Another way to utilize the Commander role could be used by a Squad Leader focused on Logistics and building rear defensive locations with a strong emphasis on intel gathering and reconnaissance.

For the unconventional factions of the Militia and Insurgents, the Commander role has access to a large size mortar attack as well as a handheld remote-controlled drone.

This small handheld drone is very maneuverable and can fit into tight spaces, though it is limited by a maximum altitude and has a 10-minute battery life. Plenty of time to gather intel or deliver a special surprise for to the enemy.

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ARMA 3 PVP mode comes with built in Armchair Commander mode.

Have been interested in this for a long time to be honest, but was always just put off for some reason or other. I think it will remain at that status for a little while longer for me am afraid.