Squadron 42 - Cinematic Trailer

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If it ever comes out :grin::joy:

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I feel that this will come out next year, but the PU is still a long way off.

Just turn it into a CGI movie or something at this point.

Squadron 42 is only a tiny part of their supposed game. Still no release data or even an idea as to when it will be viable. I still say that Elite: Dangerous did it the right way: Release base game, expand afterwards.

I wonder how much money was spent on the voice-actors and mo-cap for that video. Gary Oldman, Gillian Anderson, Mark Strong, Mark Hamill…


I just want my physical items that were in my pledge :rage:

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Looks shiny.

Shame it won’t come out for years and will probably be a broken mess.

Looks interesting!

I almost bought it the other day , or… at least payed to play the alpha… but didnt, really tempted tho!