Star Citizen game makers being sued

The makers of the crowdfunded space game Star Citizen are being sued for copyright infringement and breach of contract by development studio Crytek.
Crytek claims Roberts Space Industries (RSI) and Cloud Imperium Games “have caused substantial harm” to them.

Full report here

I spent about 20 minutes trying to back this with a pledge of about £60 cos of the ZiiP interest plus how much I liked the look of it, but frustration and a failure of the company to accept payment grin my uk account while in Italy stopped me.


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To be honest…i wish i never backed it now.

As lovely as it looks and is a great idea…i still have not received all my other bits of the pledge (book, usb drive etc) and im sure i never will.

More emails will be sent…hopefully a reply will be soon received???

I pledged in for the minimum amount and I don’t ever see myself playing it, if it ever gets a full proper release.

They are now also selling “plots of land”, yes, you read that right, in a virtual world for whenever that module gets implemented before they break the engine again and destroy the network stability.

There are some hardcore fans on Bit-Tech and even their interest has gone beyond waning now to sheer despondency.

I think they should have taken a leaf from Elite: Dangerous’ book and released a core game, then expanded it bit by bit.

They are now playing catchup with their own ideas and seemingly just constantly breaking whatever they have made already.

If this lawsuit actually goes ahead and Crytek are awarded any significant sum of money, I see it spelling the doom for the project as a whole. They got too ambitious, promised too much and set too close a timeframe for something of this magnitude.

Spore… No Mans Sky… Star Citizen…

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what’s even left of crytek anymore? I’m guessing a legal team who’ve realised their only chance of a payday is getting some of CIGs cash by force, since CIG dumped their asses and switched to lumberyard (which is amazons own implementation of cryengine, that amazon can actually support). Cryengine’s meant to be a pain, and CIG needed constant support from crytek, who haven’t released a game themselves in over four years. I crytek were entirely dependent on CIG to keep going, and since CIG jumped ship crytek’s legal team and whoever’s left over there (who do you employ when your only product is an engine you can’t support that only one person is using, and that customer has jumped ship to a bigger company who make a better supported version of the same product?).

this stinks of pure cash grab, so it’s down to whether they just want to get some cash while they think they can (settlement), or they intend to create enough of a legal case that it consumes all the available financing on both sides and all the money in lawyers hands (hint: this will be their desired outcome, but it’s probably a big ask).

i’ll give the single player a crack ifnwhen it turns up, but otherwise star citizen’s done; thankfully i didn’t put more into it than the basic cost of a game.

they went a bit bohemia; only rather than use arma dlc and an unfinished dayz (plus all their actual core, ‘non-game’ business) to get funding they kickstarted and have sold hundreds of millions of dollars of as yet pretty worthless virtual goods, while endlessly working on a game and engine to bring it to a level of technical excellence that only a minority appreciate.


I actually put a request in for a refund two weeks ago after they started selling virtual plots of land

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Will this is quite disappointing. Feeling rather happy about getting my refund a while ago.

I got my refund around 2 years ago, unfortunately only a partial refund. They didn’t delivered anything meaningfull up to that point beside a Hangar …, still I was happy that I got something back at least as I could see this going to be a total trainwreck.

As it seems both points of the contract breach seem correct. Squadron 42 was thought as an ingame module initially not a standalone game, at least what I remember from around 3 years ago, so technical its 2 games. 2nd RSI jumped ship with the engine and if they are dumb enough not to fullfill their legal obligations, well then you are not particularly a professional bussiness.

If RSI would actually have developed the game with the initial timeframe they promised this whole thing would be a non issue. The game would have been out and they could have changed the egine later on, or modified it. You can’t really blame Crytek for RSI taking over 2 years longer for the developement then RSI promised. I don’t even remember how many times they broke the engine they used, or changed it around. Its a bit of a dick move by Crytek but kind of a valid one.

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