Star Trek Disco. Discussion thread. There may or may not be be spoilers


First impressions? Assuming you have watched it?

Totally loved it.

Really like the look and sound of it. Nothing to silly, some homage to TOS and Next Gen in some of the amalgamated sounds effects. The old style sensor whirls, door whooshes, to the next gen style computer sounds, but yet slightly different.

Klingons!! Menacing for sure. To hell with peace. Lets fight. Yeah.

Loving the fact that the plot carries across episodes. I cannot wait for more already.


Loved it.

All of the ‘campiness’ and ‘silly scifi’ is gone and the tone is really, really different.

The Klingons are scary and menacing and how they should be for a warrior race - they look, sound and act the part now. Their ships and the whole Kahless and Federation/Empire war needs justice doing and I think this could be where it happens. They set up such a strong character with T’Kuvma but then used him as the catalyst for the war - I actually wasn’t even annoyed, it worked so well!

The trouble I’m going to have is getting to grips with the universe as it stands, with the cloaking not being a common thing amongst the Klingons, the level of tech and what everyone is capable of, how much of the old stuff is cannon.

Waiting even just a week is going to kill me.


Had to go dust off the old StarTrek Encyclopedia.

Klingons supposedely got cloaking tech from romulans in 2268 whereas Doscovery is set in 2255.

I loved how there really appeared to be no bridge stations on the klingom ship. It was like a big space fearing temple.


So I never got on with Star Trek outside of DS9 and TNG. Loved the latter growing up, and DS9 always felt like the more rugged series.

Every other afterward just seemed…weak. Voyager was a mess, Enterprise even more so, and the movies were nonsense - aside from Beyond, which is fucking phenomenal.

Discovery is amazing from the first two episodes. Interesting, has a fantastic main character, and the storyline looks really interesting. Already hooked for episode 3.

Loving the rather heavy handed “nationalism” of the Klingons vs “openness” of the Federation. Seems on the nose for today…


I’ve seen a lot of hate around it, but I loved it!

I think most of the hate stems from it being “too different” from previous Star Treks…
And yet people said the same things about TNG when that first came out, Enterprise, the recent movies…
There’s no way to win with some people.

I really like the ship designs (which people have also complained about), it’s nice to see some variety from near the Original Series point in time. Taking into account that the original Enterprise was designed with the 60’s idea of what futuristic looked like, I think it’s perfectly fair to modernise and expand on that idea; you could see the design influences here and there.
In fact from what I’ve seen of the design for the USS Discovery itself, it is taken almost directly from one of the early designs for the Enterprise refit for the original movies (I’ll try and find pictures).

When it comes down to it, I found the first 2 episodes tense and enjoyable, and I’m really intruiged to see where they will take the story from here.


Refering back to what I was saying about the ship design: below is a publicity shot of the new ship (USS Discovery).

And here are a couple of Images taken from “The Art of Star Trek” (published in 1997).
These are some of the early designs for the Enterprise Refit for the original movies (they got as far as building models!).
Definitely some influence here.
Although interestingly, the guy who came up with these designs went on to work on a certain Star Wars and designed the Imperial Star Destroyer =P



The ship designs are brilliant, the Klingon ones especially - they look old and knarled and battle-tested.

I fully expect there to be a lot of hate - if it had gone a different way I’d be on that wagon hating away, but as it is the feel is great and the changes they’ve revealed so far I’m all for!


Just watched the 1st 2. Enjoying it. Doesn’t feel like star trek of old but like the new reboot movies. Do like how the Klingons speak in Klingon to each other. Makes the whole no contact thing more believable.

Michael Burnham annoyed me greatly in the 1st two. Just couldn’t like her. Hoping after what happened she changes.

Liking the new Klingons but the story line is annoying me a bit. Will see how it all progresses.


I enjoyed it thoroughly! It surely is a departure from the old stye but I liked it.


Getting real sick of all the hate out there.

The old Trekkies need to give it a fucking rest and realise TOS and TNG have had their day - Voyager was good, DS9 did have good moments and Enterprise had it’s redeeming qualities (I actually enjoyed it).

They can see a ‘decline’ or they can appreciate that money and effort is being pumped in to their beloved franchise and a wider audience is accessible because of changes and concessions made in this new series.

Also: Why the hell do people think that the Klingon nationalism is all because of current politics? The Klingons are nationalists, racial puritanists…they’re not parallels of current politics any more than they are of any politics from any stage in history. What people mean is that their views have resonance with current politics - their motivations aren’t new, the story line of the resurgence isn’t a new one, this isn’t political comment or satire.

This is why we can’t have nice things.


Episode 3!! Black alert!!


Watched episode 1 last night in a very hungover state. Seems pretty damn good so far!

Not really liking the main character though towards the end of the episode. Rationality seemed to just jump out of the airlock :smiley:

Looking forward to seeing 2 & 3 now.


assorted thoughts/theories/observations:

Michael’s erratic behaviour (which also bothers me) could be explained. Exactly how far Sarek is influencing Michael is unclear; we see the start of their conversation, then Michael returns to the bridge and starts trying to dictate their course of action based on what they say Sarek told them about the Vulcan’s interactions with the Klingons. There’s a similar pattern of behaviour with the later interaction with their apparent psychic connection.

I figure later plot twists will require ‘established’ truths to be revealed to be false, so tried considering what we ‘learn’ in the pilot and how it affects people’s actions.

What if T’Kuvma is full of shit; what if he’s a puppet engineered by someone else to provoke the klingons into war with the federation. Good odds that plenty of people would stand to profit, and all you need is a convincing Klingon actor or religious nutjob and to knacker an unmanned relay station. Plus any additional macguffins to make it more plausible at a later date.

Spock is alive at this point, so Sarek has already married Amanda. I have no idea how many kids he ends up with, i suppose given his age it could be dozens; he has at least one full vulcan, one half vulcan, and one adopted human child. He appears to be quite strict with Michael but clearly has a thing for humanity. When Spock died Sarek knew he would attempt to mind-meld and transfer his consciousness/memories into another crew member as he checks Kirk before finding them in bones, but eventually dies after suffering a neurological breakdown in TNG; was he planning to do that himself? Ignoring the fact genesis regenerates Spock’s body somewhat unexpectedly, what was he planning to do with his consciousness once it was transferred?

Sarek wants to be immortal. Sybok (from Star Trek V) is a first attempt at engineering a suitable host (possibly a clone of Sarek) that went awry/insane, and has it’s own weird psychic power. Spock and Michael are his further studies/experiments, and his experimentation is what ultimately leads to the neurological disorder that kills him, and why Spock doesn’t attempt to do the same again when he next dies even though he has the chance to dump his consciousness into his own younger body prior to his death.

Of course all of this will only be revealed over the next 40-50 years real-time, making it a single century long plot. Disco will focus on the rest of the war and whatever shenanigans Michael gets up to.


I was troubled by Michael’s apparent irrational behaviour, but when we consider that she was left orphaned as a result of Klingon savagery, and although brought up as a Vulcan she clearly still has that burning emotion of hatred towards Klingons. I think she has believes she was acting for the good of the ship and the federation.

Some more interesting characters in Episode 3. New captain is mysterious. And we get finally to see the new ship. Really loving this show.

Totally agree with @vredesbyrd about the old trekkies getting over themselves. This show has taken Star Trek by the short and curlies, and made it more edgey, more dark and menacing and for me really interesting characters already. Sure the acting was maybe not the best in the first episodes. But I dont think I recall any Star Trek launch seasons having any acting to write home about. And the very fact that Michael’s character seems to be controversial I think speaks volumes for where this is going.

Live long and prosper new trek. I :heart: Disco


Plot twist:

Klingons are being manipulated by a Changeling and this is the Dominions 1st attempted at taking the Alpha Quadrant.


Also, glad Im not the only one who is annoyed by Michael.


What if T’Kuvma is full of shit; what if he’s a puppet engineered by someone else…

Like the Romulans - maybe thats how they’ll do the exhange of cloaking tech between the two in Disco.


Is this on Netflix/Amazon?



Watching ep 3 right now. Hell of a start! Very tense.


Bugger - don’t subscribe… I am sure it will be picked up by a Sky channel at some point