Star Trek Disco. Discussion thread. There may or may not be be spoilers


Netflix exclusive I believe.

Though I could be wrong.


Actually, its CBS so every chance it could end up on Sky though with it being on Netflix it might not come to sky.


If its CBS then it will - they will need to make more money off of it


Probably not for a while. Wont finish till around end of Feb i think. Worth the wait though already. First time I think a new ST series has not featured on sky. Totally out bid by Netflix. paid around $100million plus for it I think


LOVED the 3rd episode. The captain is a freaking great character. It’s a really nice setup they have here!


Just watched the 3rd one. Did not think it would be going down this route.


you haven’t given much away there @Hammy What route exactly do you mean? And is that a good thing or a bad thing?



Wanted to wait until most people have seen it.

Was not expecting the whole biological part. Saying That didn’t really know how it would go after the 1st two.

Does make it interesting. New captain is bloody good and Michael was a bit more bearable

Spoiler Button

Ah @Hammy, but Biology and Physics are the same at this crazy ass spore drive level! Forget we have a spoiler button


Have to say I enjoyed the third episode far more than the opening two and I actually think the third episode would have been a far better opening for the show. That and a few episodes more would allow you to get a bit more involved with some of the characters before showing you what happened to get Michael before a court martial and her former crewmates to mistrust her. This extra time might also have better conveyed Michael’s ptsd from the Klingon attack she survived as a child and wouldn’t have made me think her a stupid twit when she staged a mutiny in like the first 30 minutes of the show and then shot the only hope of averting a war while rendering her captains death a futile one all at the same time.

I’m still not sold on the show, but never really have been by any of the opening series for the previous shows, but it does have a lot of potential in showing what the federation is/was before it became the one we’re familiar with it’s prime directive.

Random thoughts:
I really wish they didn’t say special guest star Michelle Yeoh in the opening credits of episode one and two, kinda gives the game away

Quite literally parking ones starship in range of the enemy and not presenting a fast moving target probably should be avoided

Klingons should hit harder, way way harder in a fight

You didn’t even need the away team member in episode 3 to wear red to know they weren’t going to make it

The first officer may be my favourite character but i predict at some point they’ll be forced to consider staging a mutiny because of all the captains in the universe are you really going to trust the one that spent quality time aboard this ship


haha about the kowalski or whatever his name was in the shadows of the shuttlecraft. Loved that.


I was thinking more about @adrock’s idea that Sarek may be or was controlling Michael. I watched that again last night and the way the Captain rushes in and shouts “belay that order” Michael says “I am trying to save you!” which seems odd. Distant like. Rather than save us! hmmmm

Potential Spoiler

I’m wondering if the Discovery is a Section 31 ship: crew with no symbols on their badges, a Captain with way more influence than they should have, working on black projects safely within Federation territory, in the middle of a war where (presumably) they need every ship and crew available to hold back these unified Klingons, and that obviously this “spore drive” never sees conventional usage in later years…
Just postulating =P


I was thinking this the other day @Zahkhy


If I’m wrong, I really hope it’s not something mundane and disappointing.
I’d really like it to be something better and/or darker.
There’s a lot of mystery from this latest episode, and I can’t wait to see where it goes!


Thoughts on tonight’s one?

This while organic drive thing is annoying me. So it needs a creature to tell it where to go, so I can see why it doesn’t get used in the tng and all that.

It is getting interesting though


Glad to see the Klingons back in the frame this eve ing.

The spore drive is a little bit annoying and has to some extent just presented a bit of the “wacky scifi” back into the show. Which i too am not really sure off.

But another character gone!! Jeez.

I am not sure on the pacing of the show. Felt it kinda jumped along very quickly. Almost like one massive trailer. Dunno.

Still enjoying it though.


Enjoying it, but the Sperm Drive and Micheal are doing my tits in. She just isn’t a good character and to make it worse, she’s acted poorly.

Actually, aside from the lanky alien dude and the captain, I can’t stand most of the new crew - I was hoping the room mate was going to get munched when Micheal did her test.

I remember reading that the new series was going to follow different captains but this is not how I expected it to go - I wanted a new captain each episode/couple of episodes and for episodes to be set at different points across the Federation’s history. My misunderstanding, and it’s not like I’m not enjoying it, but I’m worried where this is going after this episode.

I had some hope when it looked likely that the ship was the beginning or some progression of the early Section 31 but unless this develops significantly soon, there isn’t enough of a dark/rogue edge for it to really be Section 31.

The Klingons being back in it gave me a moment of hope until the love story kicked in and Kol turning up and swanning off with the ship.

Something I’ve noticed that is mithering me: Aside from that stupid sperm drive, they don’t spend much time talking about the tech. Three episodes in and there is little to no mention about the origins of the cloaking tech or how it works. Finding it odd…

Brain fart.


I’m enjoying this a lot. I agree with Vred though, that having the Tardigrade there to just be able to use the spore drive seems somewhat ridiculous. Surely there we better ways to go about it and explaining why it wasn’t used TOS/TNG/Voyager.

I must say it does feel as if they’ve filmed a movie and then cut it up into episodes though, I don’t feel like I’m getting to really know any of the characters that well. The First Officer is just unlikable to me, the Captain I’d like to learn more about though, especially seeing as he’s a fairly high brow actor (IMO). The chief of security dying relatively early on suggests that Michael will eventually fill that role, we’ve seen her fight in the 3rd episode against 3 convicts, there’ll be plenty of away missions coming up that she’ll likely be on.

Anyway, I’m enjoying it, but there’s a few things that are bothering me!


brain fart reciprocation:

didn’t you catch the catchy acronym, it’s called a Displacement Activated Spore Hub drive. kinda lame :confused:

star trek’s known for klingons talking klingon, and humans talking tech jargon; klingons talking tech jargon in klingon is a hard sell.

Michael’s a hard role to define: how exactly should a human raised by vulcans behave? it shouldn’t be human, or vulcan behaviour i guess (or you’d just have a vulcan character). well they aren’t either, but there are better directions you could go than flipping a coin each scene to determine frown/expressionless and super calm vs overly emotional demeanour. I’m hoping it develops into something better in the long run if there is a long run.

They must be section 31 or a precursor; did they not kill the shuttle pilot as part of their plan to get Michael aboard the discovery?

you’re spot on about not knowing the characters,. but then this isn’t TWD, so we won’t get flashbacks and character development of an ensemble cast. This is star trek, where you’re character is developed slowly over seven seasons. I assume this is the plan, because otherwise I’d have expected some background on at least Saru or Malfoy by now, beyond ‘i can sense the coming of death with my neck frills’ and ‘i have an eye condition so i have to let light levels increase gradually so my introduction is mysterious, now let me lead you down a corridor where the sections will illuminate to full brightness instantaneously as i step into them, repeatedly, about half a dozen times, and not even wince’ just doesn’t flesh them out enough for me.

I still prefer my initial thought, that black alert just means the captain is out of his quarters so they dim all the lights so he can move about freely.

Also, painting the walls of your secret lab, or secret engineering section, or secret armoury black is not the same as having low lighting.

I’m enjoying it, it’s very well presented, but there’s some stuff that just feels like it could have been done properly rather than half-assed because your pilot is being produced by different people than your series. There are inconsistencies between the end of the pilots ‘this season on star trek disco’ and the first proper episode ffs.


Black alert is for when they are going to use the sperm drive (stealing that one @vredesbyrd)