Star Trek Disco. Discussion thread. There may or may not be be spoilers


@vredesbyrd I think there is still plenty scope for the origin of the ship the Klingons have with cloaking technology to be explored.

But yeah there seems to be a lack of “technobabble” which Is one of the aspects I have always enjoyed. Still liking the Klingons completely speaking in their language. Bet the guys who worked on the complete Klingon language are chuffed now.

The spore drive!!! I hate the way the ship spins like a cartoon character running on the spot before it disappears!

@adrock Surely the elite prison shuttle pilot was not sacrificed merely to get Michael on board? I imagine they were beamed to safety. But to be honest. Did you see how close to the edge of that “storm” they were flying? shit pilot. She could have just maneuvered up a few hundred metres to fly out of the storm quite safely.

But overall still gonna tune in with excitement every week.


Ooh the f word in star trek!! And an old character appears.


Best one yet. Dont know why but really enjoyed that one.


Thoughts on the latest one?

I’m interested to see if they bring Spock in to this more after he was talked about. Also the Captain has some dark secrets, which I think will come out soon


Also, the t-shirts, can we just mention the t-shirts.


loved the t-shirts. do you think the enterprise crew have ones that just say Enter across the front?


Absolutely brilliant episode. Loved it all.

Definitely getting comfortable with the setup. Loving the captain’s story too!


Would love to see Picard running around in a t-shirt with Enter on the front. TBH, I could see Patrick Stewart doing that in real life.

Also going on that there would be a few t-shirts with Deep and Voy on them too.


Are they still using the Spore drive then? Stamets seems to have made a recovery. I wasn’t clear if they were still using him to drive the ship when they need it?

T-shirts cool, love em.

I found out about the robot on the bridge as well. seems legit.

Pretty sure that the Captain is the type of guy who would have been straight in there to rescue the Admiral, he is playing the game. Wonder how far he would let it go. Would he let her die so he can still have his ship?


Loving the new StarTrek, Is anyone watching the After Trek all in Netflix?

O and Greetings! All


Yeah been watching a bit of After Trek. The host does my nut in though. But it gets some interested feelers for the show from it.


I can’t watch it because he irritates me the same way most youtubers do.


yup, same here, tried it but it’s a no go for me :confused:


With the ending of both the last two episodes involving a character looking at their reflection they seem to be hinting that this is the mirror universe.
Although seeing the lengths CBS they are going to avoiding spoiling a likely future revel this could just be fun misdirection.
The show has had a run of good episodes so hopefully it’ll keep it up.

P.s be careful reading up about the show as a fan theory is currently doing the rounds that seems to be rather accurate. Being as vague as I can be because I’m too lazy to do the spoiler text :slight_smile:


Season 2 has been confirmed. Apparently. Sweet.


Go back to the last episode and skip to the part where Ash Tyler is vaporised by the anti-matter ball and very closely watch as his head vaporises - look closely.

Unless my eyes deceived me it looks like - and this could be a super duper spoiler so be warned even those who are up to date - the theory that Ash is really Voq having been genetically and surgically altered to look and act human has merit, because there is a flash just before he vaporises complete that looks like it shows a pale Klingon…or maybe it was just his skull and I’m jumping to conclusions that aren’t there .

SPOILER: What I think I’ve seen - link

Doesn’t seem as convincing on my PC screen as it did on my tablet.


Another good episode! Loves it. Reminded me of that Next Gen time loop episode. And a bit of humour with Mudd.

@vredesbyrd major spolier discussion ahead I think that your right.
Although i couldnt get a good enough slow mo on my tv to see what you saw. But i did notice and Stammats commented on Tylers height! He was close to that Klingon bird who by her own admission comes from a house of Spies. And well if you check out Voq on imdb. He has done fek all before. Totally thats a thing. And the growing relationship with Burnham! Interesting. Voq who wants vengence for tuvkma and Burnham who despises Klingons. Interesting.


I’ve seeded the conspiracy!!!

I still think it’s all Section 31 too. Has to be.

Also, I’m warming to the theory that we’re seeing the mirror universe too.


Im still not 100% sold on the mirror universe theory. Although it is a convenient tool for tbe writers to go off canon i guess. It almost seems too obvious. one thing i am still not liking about thos shos though is the lack spaceship manouvres. We got a tiny glimpse of of that ship leaving at the end. Maybe they are saving all their space scene budget for a mega battle still to come.


Watch it yesterday and had a discussion with Scotty about this last night

I can see the whole Voq think being true, would fit well in the story. The killer of the Klingon figure head falling in love with a Klingon. The section 31 part I thought at the 1st was a cert, not so much now as Star Fleet are using the ship in the war. Section 31 wouldn’t be that open.