Star Trek Disco. Discussion thread. There may or may not be be spoilers


It seems to be a populat theory.


Just noticed, 2 more until mid season break. Back in January some time.


Hadn’t heard this theory until reading it here, but it wouldn’t surprise me, and it fits in with the behaviour of some Klingons in the Original Series:

In particular, the famous “Trouble with Tribbles” Episode. The episode concludes with the revelation that one of the men is a Klingon in disguise, using this subterfuge to undermine negotiations over rights for planetary resources. Their true identity is revealed after a tribble reacts negatively to their presence, prompting a medical scan.

This theory certainly deals with a few unanswered questions. I don’t think I’d be disappointed if it turns out to be true either.


Captain had a tribble in the early episodes right enough! Conveniently dissapeared.


Was the tribbles one the one where Sisko and that went back to stop the bomb in DS9?


Yeah was ome of the anniversary speciala.


I’m enjoying the shit out of this series. Not really bothered with the fan theory thing going around.

Far as I’m concerned there’s a war, both sides are fighting and the Discovery is using some crazy new drive tech that clearly is causing some interesting effects that make it somewhat unviable to run.

The last episode was classic sci fi tv. Great premise, well executed and broke up the flow from the war effort.

I do think they’re definitely withholding the war budget for bigger episodes. So far so good though.


Picked up on something on the recap of this before this weeks one. Ash told the Mudd while trying to escape with the Captain, that it was always a 2 man job, which makes me think even more he is a Klingon. Also when Saru gave him that thing in this weeks, it glowed green and then he pulled away when he realised what was going on. I think he would have found out he was Klingon if he held it for longer.

The whole inner-war with in the Klingons looks interesting. Can’t quite get my head around that.


This returns on the 7th. Might have to watch the last one to remind myself what happened.


Thx for the reminder Hammy. Still not watched the last one :confused:


Well who has watched the latest one

This whole different universe thing for me didnt sit well at the start, but our theory on on Voq looks like its true.


Great start to second half. Directed by Commander Riker as well.


so mirror universe is in play. I guess it could be argued that the disvovery real universe is different again from TOS universe. A convenient plot tool.
But wooah didnt expect doctor dude to die.

Personally i have never been a big fan off the mirror universe episodes. But this has still got me hooked


never been a fan of alt universes either. Bit of a kop out for me most times. More interested on how the Ash story plays out.


How dare you not appreciate major Kira from the mirror universe


Evert time I think I may not like where they are going the episode just bam sucks me right in. Really enjoyed latest episode. And totally figured the emperor would be who they are.


OMFG I’M FANGIRLING SO MUCH this episode was the best yet.

Seriously, even for those not bothered about spoilers, don’t read these until you’ve seen the episode.


TYLER IS VOQ! TYLER IS VOQ! TYLER IS VOQ! I love how they revealed it as well…the face off with the other Voq, speaking Klingon, the way she used his pretend execution to sneak the data about the other ship out…love it. This is by far my favourite itteration of the mirror universe so far, the campiness being gone really doesn’t bother me at all, the mirror universe is better, the Klingons are better, its all better. I did wonder if they’d come across other Voq or even other T’Kuvma, genuinely believed that Firewolf would be T’Kuvma when the storyline about the rebels was unfolding.

And talk about the races being better - I love the new Andorians and Tellerites although I’ve no idea who the other race(s) featured were they looked cool. The Andorians always bugged me, even when Jeff Combs was playing Shran in enterprise adding something a bit more substantial to the race, pulling away from the silly/camby alien design - the facial structure, the colour of the skin, the voice, love it all.

I liked the callback to TOS with goateed Sarek

I’d read some theories about Captain Georgiou coming back as the Emperor when the mirror universe storyline broke and hoped it would be true! Her arrival was brilliant and she looks the business as well. I’m getting a feeling mirror-emp knows some shit and might reveal that she knows who Lorca is and knows who and where Burnham and co are from.

On that topic - the only theory I can remember left is Lorca’s identity: Is he mirror Lorca? If not, why did he bring them to the mirror if he isn’t and how did he know to look for it at all? What is he up to and why is he trying to keep them in that universe, being really pushy about the USS Defiant - is it really to get the information on getting back to their universe? Is he the mirror Lorca trying to seize the Defiant (A ship from the future!) to overthrow the Emperor? What if Lorca is a crew member from the Defiant? Can’t wait to find out

I’m curious where they take the alt-Saru story line: Will he betray her? Will she bring him back with them? Will they do the sacrifce trope? Will he be free in this new universe?

Loving this new take on Star Trek and loving where it is going. I’m with you @Scottyboy, it slows down and gives the impression its going to lose focus and dry up but then slaps in some goodness like this episode. Cannot wait for next Monday!!!


Finally watched this last night. Still in two minds about this mirror uni. A lot of it was a bit predictable. Sort of want them to get back quick to finish off the story’s in their uni.


I am totally fine if they never go back where they came from.

Which i guess fits because klingon cloaking devices are still effective after the war when Kirk’s on the enterprise. Though they were also meant to be something the Klingons got/stole from the Romulans so not sure where we stand on that. Giving them one to put on their religious memorial ship doesn’t seem very Romulan. Or Klingon for that matter.

The rumours about Tyler being Voq rang true as soon as i read them, right down to including Harry Mudd with his introduction.

I’ve had a wee chat with Scotty that Lorca may be from the mirror universe ; it’d explain the presence of stuff in his private lab that the federation isn’t meant to have encountered yet, why he picked up Burnham and made her part of the crew, why he changed the co-ordinates for the last spore drive jump after the engineer who he’s encouraged (and potentially been leading along) throughout tells him he’s only willing to make one more jump, and he’s been covering his increasingly non-starfleet actions with his spiel about ‘doing whatever it takes to win the war’.

I’d kinda have liked to see the emperor maintain a bit more mystique, at least for a while. We’ve no idea when/if Khan was found in the mirror universe, or whatever happened to Gary Mitchell, or any of the other potentially galaxy threatening things that have previously been encountered. I know the most likely answer is ‘they were found and blown up for being a threat/not human’, but having it be the only established senior character other than the dead admiral seems a little short sighted, especially as she wasn’t around long enough to get a good feel for her character. Even Christopher Pike would’ve been something (he should still be out there i guess).

I loved the new look Andorians too, and I’d love to see Jeffrey Combs back as Shran.


Where exactly does Enterprise sit with respect to Discovery? Would Shran cross over with this time frame?

I’d love to see it though like you, I miss the way he called Archer a Pink Skin change as their relationship changed.


pretty sure Andorians live as long as any writer says they do. I’m hazy on the years, but Kirk refers to Archer as an admiral when he’s at the academy in the film (potentially later than in TOS) and remembers him having a dog (presumably not Porthos :(). Shran had also faked his death and revealed himself to be alive in the enterprise finale, set some years after the rest of the season ended (and turned out to be a holodeck program Riker ran during the farpoint mission), so yeah, I’d say there’s definitely enough wiggle room.

Shran was a great character, and probably one of the best developed recurring guest characters across any of trek.