Star Trek Disco. Discussion thread. There may or may not be be spoilers


I know this series isnt over yet but from what I gather the format going forward would be like this, i.e. a story spanning over several episodes. Potentially we could use that format to tell stories to fit in with any of the timelines about different crews/ships/races. I hope they do.


Caught up with the series over the last week and love it, just seen todays episode and …wow won’t give anything away but damn



Apparently I need to write a complete sentence.


I can confirm that I too am excited, and that this constitutes a full sentence.


Oh. Reading these posts full of excitement, have increased my levels of excitement as I forgot this was Disco Day.


And a long and prosperous Discoday to you too my friend.


Holy Cthuluhu, this show is incredible. Latest episode? Best episode of anything I’ve seen in absolute ages.

Holy fuck balls it was good.


I approve of that episode.


Long live the emperor


That was next level good… I cannot wait for next Monday!



Amazing. Latest episode is a cracker.


watching it now :slight_smile:

10:1 by the time this is done, it’ll be hinted at that the mirror universe is our future rather than the regular trek timeline. you could retcon it in to explain the presence of a 3rd world war near the end of the 20th century in star trek history, that ultimately results in a path that leads to world peace, while in our world we live in some media driven pseudo cold-war based on fear, and that’s what results in the terran empire, and also world peace, sort of.


my knowledge of treck is limited to the 3 recent kelvin timeline movies and the first half of the first episode of generations but i am loving discovery with out knowing a great deal about the bigger continuity


I like what they have done.

Spoiler Alert Latest Episode.


The story is great, and using the Mirror Universe is quite clever. It is an established storyline in Trek Canon if you like, and allows for creativity to go away from Trek Canon. As far as I can recall, it has been used in a couple of times in Original Series, Few times in DS9. Although not directly used in Next Gen the concept of the parallel universes have been briefly seen in an episode. And it was also in Enterprise. So it is an established tool.

The end of the latest episode really raises some interesting questions about Discovery and its original ‘home’. As we know that the Mirror Universe as visited is the same as seen previously in TOS. As the Defiant was part of that plot (but in theory that event in itself could happen an infinite number of times with slight adjustments to reality). But returning to their own universe seeing the outcome of the war with the Klingons we know did not happen. So. What the fek is going on?? Another mirror universe

either way I love the story line, it has been pretty fast paces, good action and no pussyfooting about.


On a side note how the heck do I get the blur text to work? I use the blur text option and tags but it still shows as normal for me!?


That episode get 2 thumbs up from me. Well done.


Been thinking about this and how it’s going to go.

the mirror uni Georgiou is going to help them come up with some attack plan to turn the war around. I seen a clip of next week’s and 25% of federation space is still in their control. Big question now is how voq and the other Klingon who’s name I can’t remember come into this.


I’m having that thing scotty mentioned where the text won’t blur :confused:


i like that as an idea, but i’m not convinced that, having demonstrated time travel, they won’t attempt to fix it using that.

Voq’s thing could be that he’s key to the klingon empire becoming something more unified and sustainable until the destruction of Praxis.

I’m also wondering if the klingons getting their cloaking tech from the romulans will remain canon as the klingons may buy/steal it to replace their own now defunct cloaking tech.

or possibly the ship of the dead was actually a stolen/captured romulan ship from a previous war, and at some point the romulans will turn up with a bunch of cloaked much less decrepit giant ships.

Also i love that Shazad Latif was playing Voq all along under a fake name. It’s nice to hear Clem Fandango in Space.


Good solid plot building episode. Had a feeling something like this would happen.


omg that ending! can’t wait for the next season!