Star Trek Disco. Discussion thread. There may or may not be be spoilers


Absolutely love Captain Pike and the new Engineer is great but I worry about her since her IMDB listing only has her down for one episode thus far but pike is showing for a lot more than this.

Has any one else seen the whole “The Orville feels more like Star Trek than Discovery does” thing?

I get what they mean, the Orville has definitely nailed the lampoonish, campy, silly vibe I got from a lot of the Next Generation episodes, but I think BOTH feel like Star Trek. I don’t get the hate for Discovery (though I know that some of that hate is just that, pure hate based on the diversity of the cast, unfortunately), its bringing a lot of money and talent to a franchise that died off after The Enterprise and ended up as a wet fart with the movies.

Can’t please everyone I suppose, especially not the die hards.



Brannon Braga is a producer on Orville, and i think may have directed some of the first season. I credit that and Seth MacFarlane’s love of trek for how trek it feels. You can feel the TNG all over it; the camera angles, scene openings, scoring, the way the plot unfolds and gets wrapped up over 40 minutes, the sub-plots to each episode to provide character development.

As far as existing fans go, i suspect they think they can’t please anyone, so they’re not going to worry about it too much. They’re trying to get a new audience because the existing fanbase will always be divided over any new trek because it won’t be ‘their trek’, and those same fans didn’t buy the TNG HD remaster enough for them to fund remastering DS9 and voyager, and that affects how much money they can make from those properties going forward.

(apologies, the guy uses a bunch of hyperbole with regards to fan reactions but he covers the nonsense going on between CBS and paramount)

Moonves was trying to buy viacom last year, so CBS would have owned paramount, but he’s gone now due to resignation/misconduct allegations.

There’s probably also something to be said for trek’s history of being divisive: the first interracial kiss thing, pissing fans off with a black commander, pissing fans off with a female captain, pissing fans off with a straight white captain, killing Spock, letting Shatner direct etc. If Trek isn’t doing stuff which enrages half it’s fanbase, then it probably isn’t Trek. That’s a part of the essence of ‘To boldly go…’.



Yes I can see your beard Clem Fandango



good to see Georghiou back.

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knew section 23 would appear



31? i believe 23 is sanitation and facility maintenance; they get beige badges.



I knew as I was typing that it wasn’t right and couldn’t for the life of me think what it was



Where the hell did the engineer from the first episode go?! She was great, I thought they were writing her in for when Spore boy transferred but he’s still here and she isn’t…all that effort to introduce her. IMDB shows she is only listed for one episode as well. Well disappointed by that.



yeah. I thought that to @vredesbyrd. And for someone who is leaving Spore boy is always on hand pretty quick. Surelt he woukd be off on a shuttle craft to wherever.
I have found some difficulty with the pacing of Discovery season 1 and 2 so far. It has alot to get in an episode in order to move the story on. I feel some scenes are just fired through really quickly

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Are they not trying to make it look like Spore boy couldnt cope with all the memories but hes love of science and all the work he has put in is keeping him there? That was my take on it. TBH, i had completely forgot about the new engineer even being there.



Yey @vredesbyrd

Spoiler if your not up todate

engineer lady is back



also rebecca romijn as the original number one was a nice touch; nailed the look

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it’s only just clicked that by ‘engineer lady’ you mean Tig Notaro. Her show’s are pretty impressive and she plays deadpan really well.



I enjoyed that last one. Hit me right in the feels at one point



I really hope she’s an ongoing character in the show.
Have to say I am really liking all the little character development that’s going on with the bridge crew this season.

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I felt this episode was more like a normal Star Trek Episode. A space problem to solve and solution presented at the last minute. Wee bit more of a glimpse into Section 31.
I knew the doctor was coming back, I read a headline this week about the actor and his views on being killed off, and remember hearing him say in that rediculous after discovery show which was on after each episode of the first season, that he would still be about.
Got be said, think I have a crush on Emporer Georgiou. :heart_eyes: must be a power thing.



Liked that last one. Interested to see where they take this too now.

Section 31 leader is looking like an interesting character. Think there will be a few plot twists upcoming.



That was one of my initial problems with season 1. Was really disappointed that they seemed to be wasting Georgiou by killing her off. Very happy she’s staying around because she’s a wonderful actress

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I’m still struggling to not say ‘Yes i can hear you Clem Fandango’ every time he appears on screen, so i figured i’d ask the question that’s been nagging at the back of my mind:

What character should Matt Berry play in Disco?

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A Neelix type character?