Star Trek Disco. Discussion thread. There may or may not be be spoilers

with Spock refusing to let the Doc help Burnham was the ‘change’ that was needed


Happy Disco day!


Getting some serious resistance is futile vibes in this episode

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I was saying this to Kate!

I was thinling if they’re going to try doing this storyline as a Borg origin story. THAT would annoy the shit out of A LOT of people!!

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Getting some serious resistance is futile vibes in


Yep. Totally saud that after last weeks episode. I hope so. Be good to see an exploration of the origin of the collective. Although as adrock pointed out to me in First Contact the Borg did try to contact their past selves using the Enterprise deflector dish. But with the time angle a part here their could still be an angle! Maybe control survives and travels to the past. Or is exiled to the past!! Hmm

That one has felt me feeling unsure about how things are going

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I enjoyed the episode, but it definitely was not as good as the ones before it.

I sorta like the Borg-ish themes and would even entertain this as the origin story if done well enough, but there was just something about the episode that didn’t feel right.

I know that Leland was nanobot enhanced, but the fight with Georgiou annoyed the hell out of me - where was the crazy tech she had when she was on Kronos? Her gadgets? Her dirty tricks? He Crouching Tiger Hidden Mirror Universe Emperor fighting skills? They’d built her up to be the sort of character who’d nail Leland with a secret mono-molecular blade hidden in her jacket sleeve, or a proton blaster in her thumb, or a micro photon torpedo shot from her tear ducts, not some half-assed sparring partner.

And WHAT THE HELL is with Discovery not unleashing their entire arsenal on the Section 31 ship the moment they found out about Leland? Yes it was a Federation ship, yes there could still have been innocents aboard, but nuking a galaxy-ending AI out of existence would be 100% worth the losses.

And while I’m whinging, where the hell was T’Kuvma when Ash was attacked?! Why didn’t he Warf out on Leland’s face with his Klingon rage?!

I also find the whole ‘Ma B knows everything about everyone’ thing a bit difficult to accept without more detail on the ‘hows’. She’s done 850 jumps according to the logs they downloaded, that does not sound like enough jumps to know everything she would need to know to try and make changes to the future to prevent the AI from doing its thing. She’d have to have extensive access to archives and historical data as well as physical access to to places that would have been nuked to rubble for her to be able to figure out what impact her jumps were having.


On the topic of the storyline:

What do you think about Ma B denying she knew anything about the signals and then the reactions of Burnham and Georgiou’s? I’m not sure if I believe Ma B but I’m also interested by Burnham and Georgiou’s reactions, one or both of them seem to either know something or had realised something after Ma B denied having anything to do with them - If it wasn’t Ma B, then who was it?

I still have one eye on the pre season webisode Calypso. If you havent watched it suggest give it a go. Its 15 mins and I think there are probably clues in there about where things are going.

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Everytime Georgio encounters Saru she must think ‘That tuna has done really well for himself’. I wonder what proportion of the crew she thinks is just meat. and how that plays into her low opinion of most organic life once she becomes the first borg queen/most powerful woman in the galaxy/universe/hyperbola!

When she said she didn’t know about the signals my assumption is that someone else uses the suit, and not all appearances of it throughout history/future are/will be her. Burnham could given they previously concluded it was her, and they’ve only seen it up close/in detail on a few of the occasions it’s recorded.

I’ve always found the borg to be a bit of a contradiction. they have time travel, and comparably super-fast interstellar travel. If they actually wanted to ‘win’, they would have done. It undermines their whole ‘assimilate everything’, along with the fact that they appear to need other species to evolve in order for them to assimilate them and advance themselves. Now if they’re just presenting themselves as ‘we want to assimilate everything, end of story’, but have some other purpose, i could get behind that, and i’d rather have some mystery than ‘we just want to assimilate everything’ being all there is to it.

As they are, they should have realised they have a symbiotic relationship with biological life, and that helping biological life advance further before assimilation is to their benefit, but the way they go about assimilation destroys species and cultures preventing them from evolving further. They don’t seem to do the Matrix-ey ‘you bunch of survivors, go and start again over here and we’ll leave you be’, unless you count Whoopi Goldberg and Malcolm McDowell.

Then, when faced with the loss of one ship next to earth (only the second or third ship they sent), they go back in time and assimilate historic earth with all it’s pre-warp travel technology. If that was an option, why take the approach of just flying up to it in the present in the first place? Why only try it the once, in an emergency? Is it to take earth out of the equation in the present? Because I’d guess you’ll encounter older versions of everything else in the past, and assimilate them, so that when the present arrives you’ve got…whatever technology they had in the past? How does this make sense? Why not send a ship back before it leaves home, and let it fly over before there’s a federation to get in the way?

Iconians. That’s why. Or Yuuzhan Vong. Or some kind of massive time shark? There’s something in the past so big and bad that no one successfully goes back there and changes things before a certain relatively recent point. And whatever it was we can’t find any evidence of it. Unless it’s Iconians.

Find Gary Mitchell, he’ll know.

Another interesting one. Really not sure how they are taking this now! More twists. Can’t believe they went to Tatooine


And now we know why starfleet has counselors on board

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the fucking bridge of the enterprise!! Get in. Good to see it

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I would watch the hell out of a prequel series set on the enterprise.

Getting a bit exited about the finale now, haven’t been terribly enthusiastic about the control plot line but I’m hoping they use the next episode to take a clean break and go off and do some crazy stuff

Loved it! Left me wanting more

Well then.


[spoiler]Not sure entirely how I feel. Liked the finale, the battle scene seemed to have a style of 70s scifi about it yet being fairly hi-tec. But the ending, I think I would have liked to have seen more of the discovery and her crew reacting to their new surroundings. Kinda feel we been on this rollercoaster with them and then they are just gone.
That said. I did like Spock transitioning into more of the character we were introduced to in TOS. And well a nice convenient cover story for the canon crazy fans out there. (I still think this is a mirror universe as per Pike saying “what one?” to Georgiou when she confessed to being Terran.

3rds series certainly feasable with completely new adventures in a totally new part of time where they cannot cause any canon issues, few spin offs? Georgiou I think has been confirmed, I would love to watch a series on Enterprise under Pike. And a Tyler Section 31 show would probably interest me too.

Sad its over, totally different Star Trek experience, but I have enjoyed it. Roll on PICARD now!!


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The space fight reminded me of the amazing fights in Battlestar Galactica. I love it, keep the mystery of were it’s going untill the next season for me :smiley:

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i totally got BSG Vibe too with the the battle. Good to see the Klingons in there tearing it up.

I fecking loved that! Not over fused on the Geordiou spin off but want a Pike and section 31 one.

Nice way to tie up Lose ends and keep the original series as it was. Season 3 will be a bit like voyager I think in the sense that it will be away from the “main” star trek factions. Like that.

Enjoyed that. Got a very BSG vibe, and could see there being an element of that in a 3rd season.

The Picard show has had a bunch of casting announcements.

@ hammy


[spoiler]think the Georgiou spin off is a section 31 show. I have to say she has been one of my favourite characters and cant wait to see more.

As for 3rd season of discovery in theory they are in the same part of space as the current star trek factions.Its just they are in the future. So do they just rip around like some sort of intergalacti museum exhibit? Or do they do one last jump to a completely random part of space (they cant keep jumping becuase the space mushrooms are getting killed everytime they jump). Really curious to see how that pans out.[/spoiler]