Star Wars Jedi: The Fallen Order

i was doing the same but the bosses get … cheap and not in a dark souls way in a we need to make this fight longer way.

One weird issue i had in a large puzzle room there were some reflective surfaces on the walls but the reflection wasn’t of the environment it was off what i could see on my TV if that makes sense. ( didn’t get a screenshot :frowning: ) Also the HDR in the game is janky makes lightsabers a blurred colour not a bright blade with the colour hues on the edges.

It is a good game but has issues that should be patched to fix. I think i could be slightly bias as i still hold the old Jedi Knight games up on a high pedestal.

I know it’s mostly for laughs but he makes some good points i agree with

Righto, this is close to 30 quid atm. Worth it? Badly need something new to play. This no work is getting to me

It’s worth full price. So at 30 quid 100%


Found it for 20 quid for the PC on CDKeys, though better on the PS4 on my 4k tv @VirulentPip??

Well depends if you want eye candy at 30fps or higher on PC. The “Performance mode” on the Pro is 1080p but not stable and most will say the locked 30fps is preferred.

Might have to get it on the PS4, big screen and I dont think the missus can take much more of me gaming beside her while she works!


game arrived Monday. Story mode completed today. Enjoyed it. Might go back and try to get a few missing echoes. Did set up nicely for a sequel.


The last level was really brilliant.
I enjoyed the game a lot but looking back wished the middle of the game has the same feel of momentum that you got at the start and the end

If you go back on a new game plus, start the game and make some tea. You can’t skip cutscenes.

Thought the music was brilliant in it. Gave it a proper star wars feel

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It really did. I was pretty cautious going in, but I quite enjoyed it despite your character being about as interesting as wet cardboard, but BD-1 more then makes up for him

BD-1 was class!

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