Star Wars Squadrons

Not sure if I missed the specific chat for this game. Anyway. Wee trailer for campaign.

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A story focusing on the collapsing empire from the prospective of the imperials could be really fascinating, but I suspect that the game won’t live up to the trailer, because that was a pretty great trailer.

Going to re-sub to the yearly EA Pro for this. I have no doubt that through 2021 we will see a few more AAA games that I want to play.

Comes out tomorrow on EA Pro. Pre Load starts 5am with release 11pm.

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Having some of this. Pew pew pew.

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Deffo going to play Imperial because this:

(joking (but I am going to play Imperial))


Is there a coop campaign? I’m sure there was. Could be awesome.

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From a quick Google, nope. Single campaign only. Boo.

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thats what Battlefront 2 was supposed to be. It wasn’t great.

This is a tragedy.


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Yip. 1hr to go.

Oh shit. totally fogot this was VR Compatable!! Ma,. I could end up being up late tonight.

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Would really like to know your guys points on this when you get to play. Would love to get this but very skeptical at the moment

Please let us know what you think.
Early impressions/reviews seem promising, but Ars said there are some VR issues to be ironed out

had a very quick blast of this. Was going to bed then realised it was only ten minutes till launch so what the hell. Did not try VR and didnt mess about too much with settings. Pretty much just pressed play.

Only thing I did learn is that I will not be playing this with mouse and keyboard!

Wee fly by of a star destroyer. V Nice!

Wee bit off shooting the blasters. Pew Pew. Oh and struggling to steer with mouse and keyboard!


I’ll be on this tonight.

Hmmmm, not liking this at all. Spend your whole time just watching enemies fly towards you and then past you.

MP or Campaign?

Campaign. Got fucked off and logged out. It’s the same in any flight sim type game I play, you just feel so disjointed. I have a feeling MP will be even worse.

Oh well.