Star Wars: The Last Jedi


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I’ve read the trailer is full of spoilers and I’ve read the trailer is full of red herrings… I’ll go see the film even though the last one broke Star Wars, but I’m not expecting much.

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When Disney purchased LucasFilm a few years ago, many worried that they’d focus on adjusting films to maximise the selling of toys and merchandise… what a preposterous thought. Could never happen…

Erm. yeah.

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Ewoks? Hello … anyone?

I refuse to watch any trailers so I have a spoiler free experience, with little to no expectations at all. Rogue One was really a let down but I kinda ignore it, its not part of the main story. It was so full of plot holes, holy hell. Good action movie, but not a god Star Wars movie.


Yeah, I knew someone would say that… Yes, they were cute and annoying or whatever. but seriously… that hamster-fish thing with the biggest doe-eyes possible is purely for a cuddly toy range in toys-R-us…

I dunno, I reckon a lot of the original trilogy was toy-focused, after the first. The second trilogy was basically only toys.

Also, I reckon even normal original trilogy characters like Admiral Ackbar would have made fairly decent cuddly toys, if Lucas had had the vision. Ackbar even has a perfect automatic response quote for if the kid hugs him.

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the idea that force awakens ‘broke’ star wars is ridiculous yes they played it safe but if you spent billions on something you want to make sure it’s received well out the game and get a good start. and star wars has ALWAYS been about merchandise with out it George Lucas wound’t have funded the second 2 films.

trailer is great and all of the content that has come out since Disney brought star wars is great the comics are doing fantastic things the books are brilliant and the TV series is great.

Personally, I have to admit that I did find Force Awakens a bit monotonous. Then again, maybe Star Wars was never going to have the same effect, now that everyone’s older and the ‘magic’ is a known quantity. It’s difficult for me to claim that my watching wasn’t massively compromised by decades of media in and around that universe.

I suppose there’s a possibility that the only people who can can give a comparable judgement of Force Awakens, at least to give it the due that the original movies had, is to look at kids, teens and people who never saw the earlier movies.


You’re quite right Reno, I wasn’t specific enough! Don’t know if there’s anyone still hoping to see it (spoilers!) but, er…so the whole thing is a re-boot of the franchise, same as Abrams did so successfully with Star Trek (and yes, good job here too), but the “Obi Wan Kenobi death” re-boot broke Star Wars for me - no-one can be that thing and it leaves a broken relationship behind! It was predictable, not just from early in the film, but you knew when it was going to happen and exactly how as well. A little bit of my childhood died then, very odd moment.