StarMancer (New Game)

Came across this, seems kinda interesting, its being described as a dwarf fortress inspired space sim game

the kickstarter page is here for anyone that wants to back it

EDIT: Theres also a playable demo on the kickstarter page if you want to give it a go

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This is what we need to see a return of!


oh absolutely, not enough games do that nowadays. For kickastarters too it shows that they have a working prototype for the game as well, which is reassuring since it would seem less likely to be another failed kickstarter


Aye, even small tech demos and whatnot are great to tinker around with.

ROAM was looking like a nice little Zombie survival game. They had little clips of gameplay and dev updates along the way and then POOF the whole project went up in smoke due to legal battles between the original devs.

While it’s not always practical for large-scale games that are in Alpha-state to release a demo, but for smaller indie games, it shouldn’t be that much of a stretch to release a small single-level demo of something for people to get stuck in to.

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i feel like piracy resolved the need for demo’s, and it’s the devs loss. If they want to rectify that then great, but they’ll need to do a good job of it to get back the folks they’ve lost as an industry.

I’ll back this, though i have doubts it’ll reach DFs depth (truly it is the last great roguelike) but it could aim for the more attainable goal of being a better DF clone than rimworld, and i still love rimworld even after it stopped being isometric.