Steam summer sale

I believe this starts today. Stick any deals you see in here please.

Hardware sale for the connecty box thing and controller - £27-odd

FM18 12.92
PUBG 18.08
ARK 32.29 (down from 84 quid) Evolved 16.49
Dying Light Enhanced 13.19
COD WW2 26.99
Shiper Ghost Warrior 3 14.27
F1 2017 11.24
Verdun 7.59
Squad 17.99
Total War: Warhammer 2 29.99
Steam controller and link 27.35
Grand theft Auto V 13.19
Far Cry 5 37.49
Rust 6.94
Hunt Showdown 20.79
Civilisation 6 18.74
Warhammer Inquisitor 30.59
Battletech 27.99
Final Fantasy 12 17.49
No Man Sky 19.99
Payday 2 Ultimate 11.39
Rising Storm 2: Vietnam 9.49

Wildlands - 16.49 (down from 50 quid)
XCOM 2 23.44

Steam Sale / Site - Very Slow

The golf club 2 down to 6 quid. ZiiP open anyone?

I literally have zero funds at the moment to go splashing out on the Steam Sales… However - I do like The Golf Club - liked the original. The second for £6 is a bit of a bargain… However… The Golf Club VR is down to £11 - and I might get that instead as my mum loves golf and really enjoys playing on VR when I stay up there. She doesn’t get to play anymore at the moment, so I’ll probably get that for her :slight_smile:

If a few of you do get TGC2, then I’ll probably get it too - but we must play it, can’t get it on a whim.

I highly recommend space beast terror fight, it’s a fps rouge lite cross between space hulk and Aliens and supports 4 player co op. It’s a lot of fun and gets pretty tense as your squadmates start getting picked off. Word of warning though, the online community for the game is very, very small and playing with randomers is no where near as much fun as playing with friends.

Currently 40% off.

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Sky rogue is a rogue lite that looks like an old school Sega arcade flight game. It looks absolutely gorgeous and it’s a heck of a lot of fun

Kind of reminds me (graphic wise) of when Virtual Racing came out.

Looks fun