Hola! I’m considering getting a dedicated wireless connection for the house here under my own name due to persistent issues I’m having with out existing connection.

I have no idea how far away getting Fibre actually is, so I’m desperate for something.

In some respects, i would love to actually stream games of War Thunder for the laugh, but I also need a hefty upload speed for work as well.

Has anyone done any streaming here and what kind of connection would give a solid upload rate? I can get upload speeds from 1 - 100 Mbps.

Any thoughts?

Jes and myself used to stream arma a few years ago. Can’t remember what was needed. He might be able to tell you more. I also believe kiwi streams a lot of warships

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Looks like I can get a 30 down and 10 up connection for €85 a month.

It’s expensive as fuck, but this existing one is starting to piss me off no-end.

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