Suggestions for a game, plz

I now live in a house where there is a 12 year old gurl. No idea how it works, what it does, etc. But, because I spend a fair bit of time on PC shooting stuff, she is interested. However, she has cerebal palsy which affects her motor skills a bit, so she is a bit “shaky” and can’t operate her hands great, so can’t “do” such as Division.
I not tried with WoWS (a little less “snipey”), and footy manager is faaaaaaaaaaaar too “boring” for a 12 year old, but I simply don’t do game coverage enough to know owt.

Sooooooooooooo, any suggestions for some games to try?

Manies famkings :slight_smile:

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For something slower paced, have a look at turn-based stuff?

Maybe things like XCOM? Still plenty going on on-screen, but you can take your time with it.


Good shout. Reactivity is awesome, translating that to mouse / click action, not so much.

12 year old? Minecraft.

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She did that. Bored of it. She a bit smart. Little fucker! :wink:

That’s a really interesting thought - particularly as I love when gaming is able to be properly inclusive to people with real life hurdles.

My first thought is that while it’s tempting to mention all kinds of turn-based games, that won’t let her enjoy the feeling of playing the games that you are (which are the ones that intrigued her)

What about fallout 3/new Vegas/4? They have the benefit of being involving and FPS’y, but have that VATS ‘panic button’ in case of stressful situations where reactions become an issue. Sadly, it does rather depend on the severity of palsy she suffers from.


Oh, or Skyrim!

The potential for sneaking, the RPG’Ness providing a bit of tolerance for slower reflexes and the perfectly valid option of fleeing. And of course, it has that immersive feel of an FPS.

Severity isn’t great. Some limb co-ord issues, hence a reticule doesn’t work, in an FPS. “We” are a new thing to both our worlds, so she is comfy enough to “disturb” me when playing. Is early doors for both of us, but I’d like to indulge and cultivate her curiosity and inclusion of me and what I pass time doing :slight_smile:


World of Warcraft. No twitch, oodles of achievements and a great community (generally).

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Couple of questions to narrow stuff down a bit:

  • PC only or do you have any consoles knocking around?
  • If no consoles, are we talking only on your PC or is there a second pc/laptop around? If the latter whats the spec?
  • CooP stuff alright or are you looking at just stuff for her to play on her own?
  • How does she get on with controllers?
  • Do you have any controllers?
  • How well do you reckon she’d get on with platfomers?

Kate and I have a load of CooP games we’ve played/do play that might be suitable based on what sort of kit you’ve got and if you’re up for CooP.

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Also, I’m not sure if it is exactly relevant to your new buddy, but you could have a look to see what information and possibly what support is offered through Ablegamers.

I’ve seen them referenced in a few gaming subreddits when people have asked questions about disability-accessible games, etc so it might prove useful.

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A few suggestions, not sure if they are maybe a bit too twitchy for her or not her style, bit hard to judge.

Child of Light - epic little platformer, not too demanding and very good story. One of the few games in the past decade which really hooked me in, for a 12 year old girl it should be a perfect fit

The Anno series is one of my go-tos for slow paced rts gameplay, I spent tons of times in them. Typical german game style, tons of micro management without the need for it (one can ignore it, unless you build really big cities). My suggestion would be either Anno 1404 for medieval time or Anno 2070 for future time line. My favourite was Anno 1701, but thats much older, still beautiful game with lots of depth, Anno 1404 was a bit too simple for my taste, makes it a good entry title. Anno 2070 was bit more polished with more focus on using RPG elements (single unit use in the campaign) to spice up the gameplay. If she likes city builders I would get 1404, if she likes RPGs AND City Builders, its Anno 2070.

Other, similar, options would be Cities: Skylines as a modern time city manager or Planet Coaster as a theme park manager. Both very good, time consuming, easy entry but can get more complicated if you handle larger cities/parks.

I love playing Kleis Oxygen not included recently, very good physcis based space conlony simulator. Bit brutal though on the difficulty, one tiny mistake and everything goes to shit. Steep learning curve.

Hob - adventure game, very minimalistic and a bit short. Not very demanding but solid gameplay.

Pyre - I fear this might be too twitchy for her, still I loved the characters in this gameand I’m only around half way done (finished it twice till now). The gameplay is a mixture ofsome sort of ball game and a RPG. I loved it

Bastion or Transistor - both action RPG with lovely story, they are not overly demanding when it comes to control, but its hard to judge for me. Still, bastion is one of the most renowned games in this genre over the past decade with outstanding story telling. They are also dirt cheap to pick up :wink: . Transistor features some sort of ‘turn based’ mode, Bastion was abit more hands on if I remember right. I love Super Giant games, I might be a bit biased :smiley:

I know Okami was released on Steam now, it doesn’t seem too twitchy and pretty story driven, maybe that would be a game she likes? One of the most popular PS games ever!

If you need more suggestions, I have more, but some sort of direction would be nice, like genre for example .

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Would racing games be viable
Or side scrollers like max and the curse of the brotherhood?

Can always get a 360 controller for Windows with an adapter

How bout strategy or city builders?

Cities Skylines is a great game to just mess around with stuff. Or even an Total war game? Take some history and combine it with massive battles. Don’t need fast reflexes at all for that.

Kerbal Space Program might be a good shout if they fancy messing around with rockets.

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Hitman could be worth a look at, dosn’t require much dexterity if played for stealth, as notch says with WoW MMOs are good Guildwars 2 is free to play so you won’t loose anything giving it a shot


XBOX 1 in the house - easier to use than an accurate mouse. I can slow mouse down, though. She plays Lego superhero thing on xbox, mainly.

Not sure about co-op - good shout, mind. Likely just my PC.

Actually, she has a racing game (and micro machines) on xbox…

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Many thanks, all - MUCH appreciated! Keep 'em coming :slight_smile:

Agreed, GW2 is a very good F2P game. Good dynamics.

a fair few MMOs now supprt controller inputs i know Final Fantasy 14 does as i play it on PS4 and PC and the PC even has xbox button settings built in to the UI

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