Suggestions for a game, plz

My two cents:

  • Basically every Lego game - they’re on PC and console and are couch coop (Controller compatible)
  • Strategy games as others have suggested - AOE, Empire Earth, XCOM, etc. Another to check out is Valkyria Chronicles which is a 3rd Person turn-based strategy game that I highly recommend (Controller compatible)
  • Portal Knights - Variation on the Minecraft formula with a chibi art style and stronger RPG and progression elements (Controller compatible, nothing too reflexy)
  • Torchlight/Torchlight 2 (KB+Mouse, button mash rather than reflexy)
  • The Sims - @Angelclaws and @Kate would be the go-to for where to start with these (KB+Mouse, nothing reflexy)
  • Stardew Valley - I think a few people have played this but if not @Kate is a big fan if you want to ask any questions (Controller compatible)
  • Windward - Just dug this drug of a game up. Sail the seas, fight pirates, trade, explore. Nice and slow, pretty Zen but fun (KB+Mouse, very simple controls, slow going)

Has she considered OGame? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


This +20



Here’s a fuckload of suggestions!

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i’m re-installing Windward, i’ll stick a server back up if anyone fancies joining me.

same guys have an early access RTS/co-op/survival thing going on, Project 5: Sightseer, which looks promising.

Also Scottyboy grabbed Hunt Showdown, so we’re going to give that a bash.

And I need to play some Vermintide 2.

If anyone ever fancies jumping in the deep end that is in no way like ogame; Neptune’s Pride. In fairness, my experience of this is it’s less time demanding than ogame, while still being slow-real-time.

This looks interesting

Not sure if you’re still looking for games, but look at RIME. It’s was free on PS Plus last month, not sure if it’s on Xbox, but it’s an exploration that is super simple to play, and encourages exploration and puzzle solving. Nothing requiring quick reflexes. Might be an idea, amd it’s not shooty based if you’re concerned about the violence side of things.