Summer sales

I stumbled over these sales right now and GOG has some outstanding offers, I saw the other thread but these aren’t free. Some of them are steals though! My prices are in Euro for obvious reasons.

Metro Exodus - 30
Prey - 12
Dishonored Complete Collections - 21 This includes 1&2 and all DLC, outstanding offer
Dragon Age Origin - 5 (best DA game by far)
Children of Morta - 13.19 (own it on steam exceptional story based RogueLite RPG)
A Plague Tale: Innocence - 15.29 - Story based rpg, very character focused
Wolfenstein Two Pack - 8.99
Hollow Knight - 6.89
Torchlight 2 - 4.79
Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak - 6.89
Gris - 8.49
Rollercoaster Tycoon - 1.89
Dungeon Keeper 2 - 1.39
River City Girls - 17.49 (beat them up with fairly decent combat system and coop mode, I love it)
Mirrors Edge - 4.59
Indivisble - 25.99 RPG platformer by the makers of Skullgirls, fairly deep combat system with combo systems and counters, very refreshing from standard platformers
Iconoclasts - 5.99 another great platformer, more focused on story and puzzles than combat

Maybe we can add the other sales as soon as they come, rumors are Steam sales start in June.