Sunday 8/10


Righto Chaps, Going to go for a massive gaming sessions this Sunday. Thinking either arma (escape on hard with no markers or wastelands) or GTA or both.

SO whos about?


I am but not for those games sorry…

I will be about for Titanfall 2, The Division, PUBG and/or BF4.



2nd Sunday of the month @MicJules


I’ll be around for some GTA I reckon. Get that sodding heist done!


I’ll be about for whatever.


Probably be about. Escape or wastelands. Or BF1 the new COD WW2


We will see… got to work


On a Sunday? …


Yep and on Saturday. Overtime


Sunday heist might be a shout!


Could be an earlier afternoon heist and then a long escape afterwards


I’m off Saturday and have GTA Installed.
Lemmie know if that works for anyone, or else it’s the usual gettin’ drunk and shouting a squirrels in the park for me.


Apparently I can’t tell the difference between Saturday and Sunday.
I had a weekend day off and got excited.


get a mini schnauzer to shout with you! :joy::joy::joy:

i cant do long sessions through the day, but up for arma in the evening :slight_smile:


Angelclaws and Myself won’t be around as our broadband is out of action until Monday, annoyingly. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:



“Body seems unclear, is it a complete sentence?” thats a new one if you only put in one long word