Sup Lovlies - My intro thing


Hi there,

Recently started working at a bar in the airport with dumb hours; so I haven’t had time to do much of anything except work.
And that just blows balls because I kinda like hanging out, playing games, and making music; so I’m thinking about cutting my hours down or just working in a better bar.

I occasionally go round to Kate and Alex’s to play boardgames and drink heavily.
I’ve also played the Division with a few of you guys too.

Currently playing Heat Signature, Fortnite, and Thumper.
And a smeg load of unfinished games I’ve been meaning to jump back into.




About fucking time.

Now fuck off.


Welcome to the fucking mad house!

mmm hotdogs.


Well that just ruined ma holidays… and It’s my birthday month.


Hey man hope all’s good.


Welcome back again! :smiley:

Still want my Bushmills Black Bush, neat with a dash of water please!


I am going to find you the next time i am in Manchester airport and get a drink for real!!!

Hendrisk gin and fever tree please!


Terminal 2 - Come on down!!
I’ll sort you some free drinks - The password is “I HAVE A GUN”


Welcome along buddy. Nice to have another fresh face around for buggsy to look at :slight_smile:


this sounds like a perfectly safe thing to say in a airport, i challenge @Xanderfinally we can get rid of him!!

welcome Toonfood :smiley:


Welcome ToonFood :smiley:


Welcome welcome Welcome :slight_smile:


Hey and welcome :grinning:

… you poor fool


Toooooooooooon! O hai :slight_smile: