Sup Lovlies - My intro thing

Hi there,

Recently started working at a bar in the airport with dumb hours; so I haven’t had time to do much of anything except work.
And that just blows balls because I kinda like hanging out, playing games, and making music; so I’m thinking about cutting my hours down or just working in a better bar.

I occasionally go round to Kate and Alex’s to play boardgames and drink heavily.
I’ve also played the Division with a few of you guys too.

Currently playing Heat Signature, Fortnite, and Thumper.
And a smeg load of unfinished games I’ve been meaning to jump back into.




About fucking time.

Now fuck off.


Welcome to the fucking mad house!

mmm hotdogs.

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Well that just ruined ma holidays… and It’s my birthday month.


Hey man hope all’s good.

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Welcome back again! :smiley:

Still want my Bushmills Black Bush, neat with a dash of water please!

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I am going to find you the next time i am in Manchester airport and get a drink for real!!!

Hendrisk gin and fever tree please!

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Terminal 2 - Come on down!!
I’ll sort you some free drinks - The password is “I HAVE A GUN”


Welcome along buddy. Nice to have another fresh face around for buggsy to look at :slight_smile:

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this sounds like a perfectly safe thing to say in a airport, i challenge @Xanderfinally we can get rid of him!!

welcome Toonfood :smiley:


Welcome ToonFood :smiley:

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Welcome welcome Welcome :slight_smile:

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Hey and welcome :grinning:

… you poor fool

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Toooooooooooon! O hai :slight_smile:

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