Superhero film discussion. SPOILERS


As with a few other threads recently i thought it would be a good idea to start one in regards to Superhero movies considering that Avengers endgame has come out and is the biggest film of all time.

Who has seen Avengers endgame? what do you think? what worked what didn’t?

Whats you Favourite film from the genre?


If we’re talking any superhero, then Blade is right up there for me!

Dark, nasty, superb soundtrack.


And it introduced the world to “cock juggling thunder cunt”. Which is never a bad thing.


Technically that was Blade 3, which had some utterly utterly terrible CGI, but it did also have Jessica Biel and Triple-H with a vampiric Pomeranian! :smiley:

Cock-juggling thunder-cunt is still one of the greatest insults of all time.


The blade films are great. Wesley Snipes IRL is batshit tho filming them he was super weird ( demanding to be called Blade at all times and i think he might have hit a director i might be mistaken)

my top films tho are both Guardians of the galaxy films, Ant-man, Ant-man and the wasp and ofc DREDD.

GoTG Vol 1 and Vol 2 are great as they show that broken people, horrible people or loosers can fild forgiveness and a place in the galaxy.

Ant-man and Ant-man and the wasp are great funny films that proves that you don’t need to have familial conflict in a film with divorced parents and that the female super heroes are just as good if not better then the males ( Wasp is amazing and i love her)

DREDD is fucking insanley violent and osn’t relent on it and Karl Urban nails the gruff stoic persona of DREDD

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For me Deadpool is up there with the best


Whos seen Avengers Endgame?

  • I’ve seen Avengers Endgame
  • I have not seen Avengers Endgame

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Favourites for me - Guardian of the Galaxy films.

Anti-Super films - Dredd, Deadpool (not 2) and Venom.

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Endgame I loved watching. An incredible end to a decades worth of films. I’ve seen it twice now, second time I took my daughter to see it. But as good as it is, and even going in knowing some key players would be leaving the franchise in this film, there are some definite niggles which have grown the more I think about it. But, I’m happy to let them slide. We’re not writing history, just telling some stories.


i love this quote! i wish the angry ones with star wars would think this!


Seen Endgame was disappointed with the story line; but it allows Guardian of the Galaxy to carry on.

Probably need to watch it again but will wait.