Tales of Covid-19

So as this escalates from “Something happening in a different country elsewhere” to “My neighbour is quarantined” I thought we may as well have a thread of personal experiences as they (if they) arise.

Anyone been forced off work yet? I was in the bus queue last night standing next to a group of council workers, and they’ve had emergency meetings all day. I hear a lot of companies have been trialing “work at home” days en masse to check feasibility. Anyone had that? Things are starting to feel more serious.

Where’s everyone at? Anything interesting to tell?


Big thing in my place is what is going to happen if they close schools. I might be on a rota of babysitting in work.

Other than that all the usual cuff. No unauthorised visitors and stock piling some ingredients just in case

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My brother and his family are quarantined for two weeks in France :man_shrugging:

My firm has isolated both offices from each other. I no longer have a nice country road drive to work in the RS4, I now sit on a train every morning up to our London office to be one of two “IT presence” staff. Yaaay me. Lots of self isolation and working from home for other staff.

It’s making sure key service lines do not have all their staff in one office.

It does feel like all we are doing is preventing the inevitable.

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Not much different in my place. 1 of the sales girls has self isolated herself to another office as she feels a little “unwell” and the fact that we are getting less and less delivery’s of all computer parts but thats it at the moment.

If we did have to shut down, then there would be no working from home as its all here.

We’ve just been ask to make a plan for users to work from home. Not very feasible for the whole office, maybe one or two. Does seem a bit extreme doing all this but you never know.

I’m down with a regular ol’ cold at the moment, but getting some giggles out of people reacting to me like I’m carrying the plague. :smiley:

I think this is going to explode soon in terms of people infected. Generally speaking, the average person has nothing to worry in regard to this, it’s the more frail members of society that are the most vulnerable.
The old, those who are immuno-comprimised, underlying conditions (Asthma, etc) and those who may be weakened due to medicines or similar.
Considering that this is now spreading by community transmission globally, combined with the long incubation period, I think we are still a few weeks away from this peaking at all.

We’re a small business here, so there’s little to no risk and our 2 staff can work from home if need be. I’d rather the work slow down a little than they risk their health.

I’m gutted that I’m not going to go on holidays with Zandra now :confused: Tenerife will no doubt be on lockdown soon, so there’s no chance of getting there, nor is it worth taking the risk of travelling right now. Plus, she and one of her kids have Asthma, so we can’t take that risk either.

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I’m meant to be in America for the 1st two weeks of June. That could be dodgy as E3 which is then has been cancelled.

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A case was confirmed at Wythenshaw hospital the same evening Kate and I were visiting her brother after a minor op, so we’re keeping an eye on each other for flu syptoms.

Another case was confirmed not far away in Rochdale as well, so cases are creeping closer to home.

Had my dad around this morning, he’d come from Tesco where the person in front of him tried to buy all of the UHT milk and was told to get real. While my dad was being served he overheard a chat between his till and the next talking about word that they were supposed to be closing for lunch time. Not sure if it was just that store or if was more than idle gossip though.

My dad was also telling me he’d been up to the Lakes over the weekend and three people from Eccles had been there for the weekend and bought every scrap of toilet paper in the local coop before they left.

Kate went on to Amazon earlier to check on the toilet roll situation out of curiosity and there are people selling the multipacks for £75 and up.

I took MarvelousMiT’s idea from his facebook post about making your own hand sanitizer thinking I’d grab some of the raw ingredients now just in case it gets really mental further down the line and we need some. Nope: Literally as I’m adding stuff to basket they’re going out of stock. I tried a few chemical wholesale companies as well and the ones I’ve tried are listed out of stock. Settled for a pack of Dettol soap.

For any one that is interested and might be able to get hold of the ingredients, this is the recipe for the hand gel I was going to use:

  • 2/3 cup 99% rubbing (isopropyl) alcohol
  • 1/3 cup 100% pure aloe vera gel
  • Optional: 8-10 drops essential oil for smell

Basically just combine well and then store in a resealable bottle.

Also something that occurred to me when I was taking my morning meds was to check on my supply. Thankfully my last batch will last me for a good long while but I thought I’d give people a nudge to check their supplies of any essential medication just incase you’re getting close to the end of your script and could do with picking some more up sooner rather than later. I’m not sure how this will affect GP surgery hours but on the off-chance they close for a while further down the line it might be worth sorting meds out now.

Edit: Also BoJohn is apparently in a COBRA meeting right now discussing if schools should be shut for a while.

A damn good shout! ^^

Varadkar has just announced that Ireland will be in Public Shutdown from tomorrow until 29th March.
All schools, colleges and childcare facilities are to close for 2 weeks.
Businesses are to maintain common sense and practicality.

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Just told Kate about this and she said our place has been notified to expect a similar announcement within the next couple of hours.

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Please keep yourselves safe!

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So our company has now been segregated. Meaning sales are not allowed to come down here and into the warehouse and we are not allowed to go upstairs. Reason…if sales get it then they can work from home. If any of us get it down here then the company will have to shut down as orders will not be able to go out.

My store is out of hand sanitizer and pasta for some reason. People are pulling loo roll of the pallet as it’s wheeled onto the shop floor. No more UHT, long life milk. Seen some customers using masks -_- ( i meen we are right next to the themes if anything will kill you with disease and infection is that crap river XD


I can’t believe the markets have collapsed as much as they have. its ridiculous. Market fluctuations are caused by trader panic. No one holds their nerve and just shifted their money out into government bonds. It is like we’re at war or something

Norwegian cabinet ministers :smiley:



Boris being an absolute lad letting all the schools stay open so he doesn’t get backlash until its already to late


If the schools where to shut it would be chaos. People having to take time of work to look after children, when children (from what I’ve read/seen) are pretty immune to it and could cause massive effect to business. Or as my taxi driver said tonight on the way home, child’s get sent to the grandparents and pass it on to them.

On another note, football league which I play in has suspended all matches until further notice after a player is being tested. My work has went into overdrive with what might be if things come to the worse. I’ve no idea anymore if this is scaremongering and this is as bad as it’s being made out or not. All I know is, shit is hiring the fan and things could go bell up for a lot of people/businesses