Tales of Covid-19

Yeah I gathered that, it was just poor timing. I interviewed back in Feb for the job and got it, just as I submitted the stuff the covid pandemic hit. so I know it caught up in the mix.

Just unfortunate is all!

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Whoop, Council Tax hardship payment been made, June will be £14 then £12 till Jan… Instead of £31 per month.

Accoring to Carnegie Mellon, half of all the accounts on Twitter tweeting about ending the US lockdown *may be bots.


To analyze bot activity around the pandemic, CMU researchers since January have collected more than 200 million tweets discussing coronavirus or COVID-19. Of the top 50 influential retweeters, 82% are bots, they found. Of the top 1,000 retweeters, 62% are bots.

So I’ve got extended family members, who live in the Birmingham area who are stuck on Orkney in Scotland, and have been since the lockdown started.

They went to see their daughter who lives there just before the lockdown was announced. Apparently, the island is being super strict - there is no passenger movement on the ferry or airplanes (only cargo) and they’ve been restricted to very little movement on the island itself.

They were also saying that rubbish is building up because it’s not being allowed to be taken off the island.

Seems crazy to me, one of the remotest parts of the country, with probably the least cases, acting so strict. I guess they know their resources would be stretched if it did infect them bad.

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Something a little similar happened here. It’s a huge thing for Norwegians to go to their cabin during the holidays, and a lot of people planned to do that during the lockdown. Government forbade that and said people can only stay at their primary residence. There was inspections in the cabin communities and a very long waiting time put in place for people wanting to change their primary home address. The reason was exactly what you thought Jester, they just wouldn’t have the resources to manage all these new people, in these relatively remote areas, if an outbreak occured.

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This is basically what happens in Orkney. You can visit, but you can never leave!!

My friend did her teaching stint up there. She calls it Orkatraz

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Having lived there for some years, the reason they’re being strict is because if they were to have an outbreak they’d be completely fu*&ed - the hospital is tiny and people get flown off the mainland island for major surgery.

Back in the day it was a great place to rear a kid, terrible place to be one. Me and most of my friends left as soon as we could and rarely (if ever) go back.


Which parts did you live?

My sister is in North Ronaldsay, up at the lighthouse in the north. Been there quite a few years now, looking after the wild sheep as well as a host of other things… including, randomly, being part of the island volunteer fire brigade…

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Kirkwall, the capital, the big smoke, the throbbing pulsing heart of…well things have gotten better.


Dommic Cummings laying on his bed, blanket over him struggling for breath, his wife approaches his breath laboured, he motions for her to lean in she complies, with a chest rattling wheeze he whispers out “Road trip”

Seriously my mum livs less than a mile away and I’ve still yet to see her :neutral_face:


@vredesbyrd @n0tch

Read an interesting article (linked below) about the computer modelling performed by Imperial College London - who basically gave the scientific advice to the government in the form of various scenarios.

In a nutshell:

I can’t help but feel this runs even deeper, if this article is accurate.

When I think about the issues you’ve had @vredesbyrd, where good students, and good teacher are held back from achieving their potential.

When I consider my local University is more interested in build thousands upon thousands of new (additional) accommodation blocks to woo in paying foreign students than it is about the courses it offers.

When I think how absolutely obsolete my own University course was.

When I think how political Universities are, for all shades of the political spectrum - it’s like they’ve forgotten the purpose of what they are trying to achieve.

I can’t help but feel that our status of fine education globally is nothing more than branding, based on historic events as opposed to modern day results.


Github for Covid Sim (looks to be Python):


That is pretty embarrassing considering the UK’s pedigree. Also, this was hilarious, second issue down:

Have you managed to download the source code for a peek? The download repeatedly times out for me. I’d be interested in seeing whats in there, it could be a really interesting basis for a project “Today’s learning aim: Fix this mess”.


I haven’t but it could be fun to have a look…


C++, with some Python scripts for ease of use and R data processing and visualization.

I’m not too surprised, I’ve done some programming work for academic researchers and generally their code is clunky and out-of-date because it’s not what they’re trained to do. Hacky solutions over multiple iterations of research projects that gradually become nightmarish monsters. It’s a bit perverse that there’s barely a single field that doesn’t necessitate at least some basic programming, but programming training is still seen as the preserve of software workers almost exclusively.

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Oooof. Taking a glance through some of this code. There’s some ugly stuff alright. And far too much “I use a C++ compiler but I actually only know C” coding.


I see Labours Stephen Kinnock has joined in with a trip from south wales to london for his fathers birthday BUT this trip (150 or so miles) is ok as it was to deliver essential supplies & just happened to be his dads’ birthday too.

In my book both DC & SK are way out of order & should be punished, however why should one be demonized & the other tried to be swept under the carpet by Labour & Lefties? Stinks of typical Labour/leftie “if the Tories do it it’s bad but if we do it it’s ok” double standards.

Rogue, please don’t throw in the leftie/rightie stuff. I get the frustration whenever it seems like there’s a double standard, and I agree people should be accountable for their behaviour regardless of their affiliation.

I’ve just been a bit worn-out by how much partisan fuckery the internet and news has dissolved into lately. I’d prefer to be naive for a bit when I’m on here and pretend the world gets along. It would do a lot for my sanity if we could keep the political stuff to talking about the parties, rather than about everyone on one or the other side of the political spectrum.

To be clear though, it’s a request, I’m not making a thing out of it. I just would love to live my happy dream :smiley:


One’s a selfish idiot
The other a wreckless arsehole
They are both twats


His political affiliation is irrelevant. The reason for all the fuss is that he is actively involved in the current government, sat on the Sage committee and broke the rules that he helped implement. It smacks of do as we say not as we do and to make matters worse it’s right before a bank holiday weekend and there’ll be awful lot of people are going to be tempted to break lockdown, and this will encourage them.

The worst thing about all this, in my opinion, is your health secretary trying to defend him. His job should be safeguarding the health of UK citizens, and by defending him he’s undermining his position.


@Ronin People have been breaking lockdown since day 1, so saying what it will cause this bh weekend is a load of bollocks. People were going to ignore travel/social distancing advice anyway, ffs there are even people I know doing it, so they along with the 2 afore mentioned are all a bunch of selfish crunts.

@DM501 I normally try my very hardest not to become political here on ZiiP. Just had enough of one party being slagged off/being blamed for everything covid-19 related, when the other party is just as bad for rule breakers & blameable for the state of certain medical facilities/supplies.

@Buggsy I’d say both twats are selfish, wreckless arsehole idiots