Tales of Covid-19

Two things,

This is the truest thing said at the moment : Tales of Covid-19


This is the sentence of the week:


If you run out of toilet paper here’s a secret life hack



In my defense I had 4 cocktails and a few beers before posting this.


Well. Thats our office closed. Went in this morning managed to grab my coffee and morning roll. Ten minutes of confusion with managers not having a clue followed by the call to go home! Was matter of time, 1500 people om site. Think we got 1 case at least. Still not sure.

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Yup. 1 confirmed case. Public Health advise deep clean. Office expected to be open again Monday. I for one think that is fruitless and that next week sometime we will have another case. And will be in same boat.

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Well in our company all non-essential travel has been cancelled, no big group meetings, work from home if you can. I know that some service centres in other countries have closed due to confirmed cases. There was still bog roll in our local Aldi so I got some yesturday. The shelves were empty of meat, fucking panic buying.

See, that’s what I find odd.

The reaction of one case is like it’s friggin’ Ebola. I get that it is bad - but trying to stop a virus that is transmittable like common cold is akin to trying to herd cats.

Cleaning companies are going to make a mint.


From what ive just heard all sales staff here are going to be working from home somewhen next week. Leaving the warehouse, tech and me in returns here. Boss saying that some one here is bound to get it and is probably gonna close this place for 2 weeks maybe 4 “just on the safe side” :confused::thinking: Bloody joke

Still get paid as normal? That’s my thing, no way I could afford to lose the pay

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Im doubting that very much. Not from this place. Thats whats got me very worried. No way i can pay my mortgage on SSP. But then this is what ive heard from the Tech guys…so no idea as of yet



Famous woohoo!


Work is dead, havent made target in 3 weeks, served 1 person in 2 hours today… she was my manager who just fancied some sweets…

Work is shit and our jobs will be at risk if it continues. But yeah lets tell everyone to self isolate and shop online… cause doing that will make a huge difference :roll_eyes:

Important question:

Will Coronavirus be included in the next release of Football Manager?

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Its a frightening situation for many reasons. Job losses being suggested at British Airways today too.
My Mum is seriously ill waiting on a Liver and Kidney transplant.
She is very much on a knife edge with this. So Im very much on the side of the Italians and the isolation mentality. Fuck this herd immunity strategy, yeah! lets kill a few people to save a few more more! Lock the place down. I got plenty loo role! :+1:


Sorry to hear about your mum Scott. :frowning:

I agree, this herd immunity thing sounds like “We can’t control this, so let’s call ‘doing nothing’ a strategy”. It’s bullshit.

I don’t understand the delay in reacting. For example, the idea of waiting 2 more weeks before closing down schools so that it is less disruptive to the academic calender and can tie in with the Easter holidays… Because being convenient is the most important thing here. Ridiculous.

As I think hammy said, if kids off school get looked after by grandparents then this’ll just make the problem worse. So there is another side to it. Equally, I can’t imagine kids starting at home for 4 weeks continuously without meeting up…

Everyone needs to isolate imho. The recovery time on a healthy person getting better is pretty quick, so with a bit of thoughtfulness it is possible to get this under control. The strict controls in the far East seem to have been very effective. However, the West is more liberal and people don’t do as they are told.

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Boris and his science dudes stood up 2 days ago and said categorically “nah, no need to stop public gaatherings, no worries about football games etc.” But the whole country isndoing the opposite! Everything being cancelled/postponed. Basically the country said “nah” if Boris says this we better do opposite! Lol

Seen this.


Well, my work is now effected as the company I have a contract with works with a clothing distributor and rag yard in Poland. They normally come to us every Thursday and it’s our main client.

Poland had closed its borders for 14 days.

Everything on hold. Guy who runs the company has had to lay off all the agency staff he employs.

Luckily the part of the business I control has already had a container dispatched from Pakistan and it should be in the UK next week… Fingers crossed. That’ll give me at least 4-5 weeks work. But the question is if the next container will face issues…

Anyhow, regarding Boris and the UK response… the fact is there is no universal playbook for what to do. Regardless of what other counties do, their positions are different.

My understanding is that scientists have modelled that the peak of this pandemic isn’t due for another few months. At the moment we have hundreds ill out of 60 odd million people. If you impose restrictions that effect everyone’s daily life too soon - then they’ll eventually rebel against them and they won’t be as effective. We can’t close schools for 6 months… that’d be insane. So I guess it is about not taking rash or hasty decisions just because other countries are (or have to… for example Italy is in a completely different position to us)

However, saying that - sport is a luxury and there is no point grouping up tens of thousands of people into confined areas every week just to watch an hour of sport. That’s silly. So cancelling sport events should have been done instantly without question.