Tales of Covid-19

It does feel like early access; there are loads of issues and people are frustrated it’s not everything they hoped it would be, but the devs plan is to just keep iterating it away and providing frequent obtuse release notes until at some point in the future they can declare it ‘good enough’ and move on to Covid-20: Electric Booglaoo.


Its almost like playing “wheres waldo” cept “wheres the mask” heh


India is clocking over 350K a DAY. That’s seriously fucking out of control. To put it in context, if they were starting at zero, they’d achieve the same number of people who have had Covid in the UK since it was first identified in just 12 days.

Whilst their death rates aren’t particular high at the moment, there is usually a 2 week contraction to death period, so expect the numbers to sky rocket. Apparently hospitals are running out of oxygen. Feel so sorry for the people.

I’ll say it now before anyone else does - The government was stupidly slow once again in closing the air corridor with them. I am glad however that we are sending aid over. There are 1.3 Billion people in India. That’s a lot of people.


One of the guys at the shop and a pupil from another group have both claimed to me that there “is no COVID in India or Pakistan”. They go on to say that is why “no one listens to the government and no one wears masks”.

The guy in the shop claimed that in the village his family is from the locals would shoot at the police if the police tried to enforce it so the police don’t bother, not that the police in these areas think it’s something serious to even bother enforcing.

Pinch of salt with anecdotes, obviously.


It looks like someone fell asleep while counting
Or used our spreadsheet technique :man_facepalming:



See this is the thing, people moan about lockdowns… People are the reason for there to be lockdowns, I hate people.

Edit - What I mean is, most of the people I see moan about it, are indeed the ones doing things that cause lockdowns.


Only 1 UK Death yesterday and only 185 in critical care. Of course, these numbers will start climbing as lockdown is reduced and social events are increased. The main thing though will be foreign travel.

Number’s are almost at a level where if the government acted faster at the start of the pandemic it could have been contained more effectively - This is where a proper track and trace system is needed to stop any super spreaders that are ill and visit multiple destinations.

But that’s common sense. Instead, It’ll be open borders, holidays and fucking orgies before you know it… and then people will wonder why there is a third wave.


It’s been a bit of a revelation for me how apparently incapable we are societally at dealing with not getting to do what we want.

You wanna go out? Me too.Tough shit.

This is emotionally taxing? Yes, yes it is. Tough shit.

You miss your family and friends and loved ones? Yes, so do most people. Tough shit.

Fucking hell, the idea that people still hail ‘Blitz spirit’ and then having to be safe but unhappy was unbearable? Just a bunch of children pretending to be fucking adults. Fuck your holiday, and mine, and everyone’s. Grow up.

Pardon my grump :grin:


Brussel just saw its second fake festival in protest against covid measures. Over 2000 people showed up, most without masks and without keeping their distance.

Seems about as sensible as walking on a broken leg because you’re tired of waiting for it to heal.


Orgies you say? :thinking:



Liverpool held two government sanctioned experimental covid raves over the weekend which was nice

I was hoping that was going to end in “orgies”


Experimental orgy, huh? Yet another opportunity for scalpers to take advantage of the worldwide silicon shortage :cry:


imagine turning up late for an orgie not knowing the location but then you get a whiff of a warm fish market an ca-ching



Turning up for the orgy and having to show you vaccines passport and your latest sti results. How times have change, or so I’ve been told


Relatable meme is relatable

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Manchester City reach the Champions League Final!

Chelsea reach the Champions League Final!

Let’s fly to… Istanbul! :man_shrugging: :man_facepalming:

Should be played at Wembley or Villa Park, surely?


Turkey added to red list.

Cant be Wembley, play off finals same day.