Tales of Covid-19

Ibrox, Millennium Stadium or Villa Park then…

Spurs new ground be prefect. Villa gets my vote as neutral territory

Could even use West Ham stadium

Could use most premier league grounds but they won’t because it’s ufea and they will want it in Turkey

Had three separate family members being given extended supplies of their various meds without request in the last two weeks. Reasons given varied and didn’t include COVID but the last time this happened was just as cases spiked and the second lockdown was announced.

Could just be my tinfoil hat itching, but it made me wonder if the NHS are knuckling down ready for the next lift of restrictions on the 17th.


ps. What happened in Moray?

Prediction time!

All the talk in the media is about the “Indian Variant”.

Next week, it’ll be the “Taiwan Variant” and India will be forgotten about. Taiwan has barely been impacted since the start of the pandemic… very low numbers. That might be about to change.

Why? (click to view full chart)


Probably because of the recent deal that was signed with India that included freedom of movement and not putting them on the red list despite the absolute shit storm they are dealing with over there

oh come now mate, it’s not freedom of movement and you know it - It’s a 2 year movement plan for young Indian’s that we extend to many other countries already - and has nothing to do with the pandemic. Its also controlled, unlike open borders.

I wasn’t arguing the deal I was just giving my opinion on why it’s been in the media you have the 2yr student deal, removal of labour tests and a reduction in skills thresholds then your bound to have an influx of people coming over it wouldn’t be bad but they are being over run with covid

Im no scientist but is the Tiawan variant an actual variant?

There is an interesting website which Il need to try and find again which mapped the variants in cicrculation per country. The taiwan variant could indeed be the UK variant! Might be the Who which has the data actually.

Are we talking about the same thing Buggs?

Don’t see that lowering skill thresholds or creating an influx. Only 3000 graduates from a country that we’ve had ties with (and frankly abused) for hundreds of years and is part of the commonwealth.

@Scottyboy - Totally: I only said “Taiwan Variant” to pre-guess next weeks frontpage on The Sun or Mirror lol. There are thousands of variants. The media loves to get their knickers in a twist. Other countries refer to an “English Variant” - But our media is loathed to use that term for some reason. :thinking:


B.1.1.7 all hail the UK variant.


Yes sorry should of clarified what I meant was the India deal for students on top of scrapping the labour tier 2 visa tests and the lower thresholds in the immigration act makes it easier than ever for non-eu immigrants to come to the UK coupled with the covid messand delaying putting India on the red list is probably why its in the media

Your making it sound negative. I didn’t have any intention of having a debate about this, but I can’t help myself :stuck_out_tongue:

Tier 2 labour tests have been “scraped” because the government introduced a new system that was equal for both EU and non-EU workers. Thresholds have been lowered on skilled workers so that businesses aren’t limited by quotas for positions they need filing. Business is in favour of those changes.

I know everyone loves free movement of the EU but it is crazy to have a system that favoured EU citizens, sometimes without any required skills, over citizens of countries we have a rich heritage with and have skills we can utilise. India, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Kenya… in my mind have closer ties to Britain than say, Romania or Slovenia. That’s not to say there is anything wrong with those countries (I could get onto a complete discussion how East European history isn’t taught in schools properly, much to our detriment) - it’s just it has been an unbalanced playing field in regard employment for decades, and now we can invite the best of people to be part of our fantastic country based on what they offer and not where they were born.

But regardless, India should probably be on the red list sooner and for as long as needed until their situation stabilises. Statistically, they aren’t in as such a bad position as I first thought. Sure - hundreds of thousands of cases… but actually, with a population of 1.4 billion, it all has to be taking in comparison. Looking at the latest charts, infections are on a downward projection now - which is good, I am glad.


Population: 1,391,827,403
Cases per 1 Million Pop: 17900
Deaths per 1 Million Pop: 197


Population: 68,197,203
Cases per 1 Million Pop: 65,263
Deaths per 1 Million Pop: 1,872

Source: Worldometers

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I know that’s why I said I wasn’t arguing with the deal it would be a good deal its just for the timing of the covid cases is why I reckon it’s in the media

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Yeah, and the media are the media :slight_smile:

Apologises if I took some of your words in a negative connotation. I guess I feel like I am forever on the defensive with certain topics (not with you personally). I do like to have a debate with people I like.

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It’s alright I’m usually at fault because I’m to lazy to get my point across clearly haha

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I think those numbers make more sense when placed on a graph against time, so we can see the progression and spike.

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Fair point.





So, chronologically, India had a smooth first wave (or, it was underreported - there are only so much salt you can pinch). They are deep into their second wave, which again, if reports are to be believed, is on the decline. If that is the case, then the average numbers based on cases/deaths per million will be a lot lower than other countries.

I think the worst country is America - just as many cases but a lot less populous. Again though - could be more accurate reporting.