Team Speak Changes

Since the new “forum” has been on the go for good for a while, we have decided to look in to a few other parts of ZiiP that need a few tweaks.

We will be make a few changes here and there to some stuff starting with a few rule changes for team speak.

First rule change being that push to talk must be used. Most games now day rely on sounds as much as visuals in game, and hearing someone sneak up behind you is as important as seeing someone run in front of you. So, if you can’t hear someone coming from behind (ooo er) because of background noise coming from someone else’s team speak, then we need to change that.

We will be making changes to the server to force Push to talk, but I think we are all grown up enough to turn it on by ourselves. I will be turning this on at some point over the next few days.

Also, can we please get regular users of team speak, who are not members to the forum signed up and get them using it please? While we don’t mind you all inviting friends to use TS, it would be nice if they were to sign up to ZiiP as well, get them involved in the chat on the forum and find out how awesome we really are.

Peace out



Just a thought only - not thought of discord? As you know I know nowt about pros / cons of either. I see discord as a possible “soft push” to “sell” Ziip. Absolutely no clue about costs or owt else, though. Just a thought, not even a suggestion :slight_smile:

Investigated Discord already.

  1. Discord is hosted on their own servers. Their privacy/data collection policy is fucking dubious.

  2. Discord tests on comms proved to be really ropey in terms of quality. Some here will probably say it is great. Our tests found the opposite. When you are on a cloud/shared platform like Discord, you are at the mercy of the load placed on the server… and of fuckers trying to DDOS it. Quality will suffer at times.

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I pretty much knew you’d have done your “due diligence” Jes. Just to reiterate - thought only :wink:

Ta for giving time for feedback :*

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Can’t we just have a non-push to talk channel? Otherwise I’ll stick a second server up for when we play GTA/driving/racing games, or VR. I shall call it ‘Tom Clancy’s 24/7 Noisefest’, and it’ll be sponsored by that ringing sensation you get when something flies too low down a valley.

Discord voice is balls, they get busy and all your comms is get throttled at their end for bandwidth management.

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Will look into that. It did cross my mind.

Cheers Hammy. hopefully without sounding like too much of a dick, I’ve a few more queries:

I take it this has been discussed (that i missed) and is something the majority want? I know we’re not a democracy, but I’m assuming we’re also not a dictatorship.

I take it conversations have been attempted with the affected parties in both cases (no ptt, and non forum members on TS), the issues on all sides are understood, but there was no way to reach any kind of compromise or understanding, which is why we now require something enforced?

The authority backing the rules is ‘we all want to get along and play games’, and this behaviour potentially threatens that, and users will be kicked from TS and potentially the community if they don’t comply? This seems awkward but i’m not sure how else you’d enforce the rules if you get me; folks would just keep doing whatever they wanted, so you’d need to be prepared to go to those lengths to enforce the rules, or the rules can just be ignored (like copyright law! :D)

Can i propose that on the back of this we also have a rule preventing people having random chat while other people are still playing a game? That’s caused me far more issues hearing in-game (particularly R6, pubg, and arma) than folks with voice activation enabled, and is the cause of maybe 75% of my (relatively limited) ragequits. Otherwise it feels a bit like you can make whatever noise you want as long as you intend to, whereas if it’s accidental (voice activation picks up anything other than intended comms) you face a kick or ban? Surely accidentally making noise that affects or interferes with someone’s gaming isn’t worse than doing it intentionally.

As i said at the start, sorry if this has all been considered already and i missed it, just trying to get caught up and be a constructive part of the community :smiley:


It’s an old rule adrock that we have sort of let slip. I’m more than happy not to turn it on if everyone agrees to turn on ptt.

In regard to the chatting during games, it’s always been here with us. Unwritten rule was if asked please just stfu and keep chatter to a min if others playing. We did used to have 2 channels for more serious gaming with little chat and then a free for all one. Worked for a while but everyone missed the banter and all joint one channel.

Think we are all old enough now that if we ask the other person will be quiet when the game is on going.

Was going to reply earlier, but I can barely see my screen. Meds have made me dopey as fuck.


Any suggestions on a push to talk button as I don’t seem to have enough buttons(exlude keyboard as that is used for movement). I tried push to talk before and forgot to press it constantly.
Noisy channel would be great!

I use ‘ALT’ as it’s rarely ever used in-game for any commands for me. Easy to press when I’m running around and never interrupts my flow of play (Unless I’m playing quake and need to spam jump the whole time).

The main reason for saying that PTT should be encouraged across the board is to simply remove pointless noise in any channel. Be it a case of someones radio playing in the background, or random chatter that echoes through from someones living room or even listening to someone knocking back a drink.

The stand-out moment for me over the years was fucking listening to someone taking a piss while they were wearing a wireless headset and it was still connected to their machine. Funny it was not.

I use the side buttons on my mouse.


Remapped The “sniper” button on my mouse to F1 and set that as the push to talk button.
We will see. I’ll be talking to myself mostly :slight_smile:


That’s called constructive conversation fella :smiley:

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Thanks, I appreciate the explanation. I suppose i just see the two things (unwanted/distracting noise) as one and the same, so it’s down to individual users to be considerate of others.

From a personal perspective, i prefer using ptt myself (because i fidget, eat, drink, and cough a lot) but voice activation doesn’t bother me as long as the person mutes /changes the activation volume if it’s picking up a bunch of excess noise. It’s responsible for far fewer (honestly none i can remember) in-game deaths than the chatter. It’s responsible for fewer than the homophobic comments in the past, and those fuckers had the button pushed down intentionally.

Jes, do you need a mini-projector you can shine onto your ceiling run off your laptop or something? I feel like we should be using technology to enable you to technology more.

See I’d go the other way, and say we’re all old enough we can hold one another accountable for our actions and not need rules to dictate to us how we need to behave under threat of exclusion/something else. But i get where you’re coming from.

I use Mouse 4 or 5 (the browser forward button). it occasionally interferes with my browsing (if chromes the active window, i’ve previously gone back a page, and i speak) but it’s never been bound to anything else in a game because it has no keyboard equivalent (unless your keybaord has extra keys specifically for them). I use reWASD to map one of the paddles on my controller to the same, and i believe i can do the same with my hotas though i’ve not tried it yet, if you’ve other controllers you use. I use Alt in games quite a bit (specifically Arma).

Careful you might get a lot of help screens using F1 :wink:

Not having VA activate when you do non-speaking stuff should be down to config; I have my discord for d&d (they all use it so im stuck with it) set so i can eat, drink, write, type, fidget, and mutter at my desk without it coming on, and then when i want to talk to them i speak as though i’m speaking to another person and it comes on. The same should be achievable in TS i guess? I’d be tempted to try configuring it as such as a proof of concept, but fear the banhammer if i’m found to be breaking the rules :wink:

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I am crying here LMAO!

Sorry to derail - was this on ZiiP TS?!

aye, only a few times, and thankfully not for some time.

changed my settings not that i’ve been on much of late.

One suggestion i would have is having a new channel for 'hanging out and nattering while gaming or browsing or what have you. so if your in another channel all on the same game that chat is for that game?

That’s what the lobby is meant for. 1st channel you go into when joining. Sort of meeting room but can set up another if so desired.