Team Speak Changes

i always find it awkward if i jump onto TS and there is a convo going on in the lobby could get alot of though traffic

please don’t think im moaning or anything :stuck_out_tongue: just ideas


appreciate the concern from those of you that messaged me, i am too tired to work out the ‘invite other people and send them all the same message’ function right now, because i tried once and got confused.

It hasn’t happened in quite some time and i’ve no interest in going into it; two occasions stick in my mind, both i choose to believe where misguided ‘banter’ with no underlying malice, and in both i died in game due to my physical reaction (spit-take near miss in battlefield and choking on smoke inhalation in R6). I accept the risks and continue to drink and smoke while gaming to this day. But it’s still had a larger adverse affect on me than other folks using voice activation.

i’d second what Reno said; chatting in the lobby is just a little odd because people will get dumped into the middle of others’ conversations, but i guess additional channels are free.

If the problem is a lack of a suitable name (Tom Clancy’s Conversational Invitational), that’s something we can potentially (Tom Clancy’s Chatstravangaza) look at (Tom Clancy’s Talktical Ops) fixing.



i love the tom Clancy names mate maybe just bracket nexts to the chanle name a short abriviation for the channels names? like (TK) and (R6) and (BF1)

i mean TK as talk not a channel for me and jester to go and kill each other in important matches

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Voice activation bugs me when people obviously haven’t spent a bit of time adjusting levels and you hear conversations in the background or squeaking chairs or whatever.

I get why people use it though, I just prefer not to but that is more for others sake really, I talk enough bollocks on TS as is without you hearing me burping and farting and me and Kate telling each other to do one.

My two cents on the banter, I try to keep myself in check when I’m on but I love chatting with you guys and get carried away fairly often, which I apologies about. I do notice that my rambling gets to some of you guys sometimes, especially in R6, and when I do notice I try to just shut up unless the feeling in the channel tells me otherwise or if we’re all being talkative.

It would be a real shame to lose that but at the same time I don’t like the idea that me spewing rubbish to you lot is making you enjoy your time playing when I’m there more difficult.

From me, not that I’m online very much at the moment, but I’ll try to make more of conscious effort to be considerate of who I’m playing with, especially with what a few have you have mentioned in this thread and apologies for being a pain like I know I can be and for the times I haven’t realised.

It’s all about the banter. If we were doing this just for the gaming we would not really need a TS server or ZiiP. It’s not like people are playing competitively to make money here.

true but if your invested in a game you want to win the majority of games we play are competitive in some nature so the want/need to win is there .

I know i occassionally “interrupt” games to come say hi and have a bit of bants, but non PTT does my fruit in. Heavy breathing, coughing, TV etc…

Al - I LIKE you “spouting rubbish” when I catch you on TS, frankly. And I think we also don’t need to be afraid to say to someone “do you mind, sorry, but I can’t concentrate with you generally chatting”. :slight_smile: Polite, but to the point. And also, those receiving such a request take it as it’s meant - a polite request and not chastisement.

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I think PTT is probably the best form of communication to avoid unnecessary sounds from breaching the airwaves - I do not mean banter as that is key to gaming; I also don’t mean burping as that is a skill amongst ZiiPers.

What I mean is the noise from other conversations between you and the missus, you and your pet; anything where the other side of the conversation is not miked up or playing the same game as people you are playing with.

Another one for accidental but sometimes annoying sounds is keyboards and how hard you hit them including mechanical ones.

I think another example of unnecessary noise is where people share their ailments with the channel - sneezing, coughing that sort of thing.

IMHO, Push to talk should be the agreed form of use on Teamspeak unless its a channel designed for VOIP like Driving games/general banter channel etc.

PTT will be difficult to pick up if you are not used to it but eventually it will become second nature.

In short, Respect the airwaves and your friends.

Banter is not something that should be discouraged but if someone asks you to stop as they are in a critical part of the game and you need to hear what’s happening, the “speakers” need to respect that request and either STFU or move to a separate channel.

Normally this happens in games like R6, PUBG etc. where the rest of your squad are dead and they are waiting to start playing again. That being said, if you are shouting out to help your squadmate then continue to do so unless asked not to.

These changes are about RESPECT. I think we can all abide by these rules.

I think potentially we are at risk of making a mountain out of a molehill.

We are still friends afterall - and a bit of banter makes us who we are. I think it is understanding awareness.

For example, you join a channel and immediately act all loud and start chatting - you have no idea what is going on, whether people are waiting for a round to start and chit-chat is cool… or whether one man is left alive and fully concentrating on his environment.

Likewise, if you are in a channel and say 3 people are playing a game and you and a friend are not playing that game – and you decide to have a chit chat, there is a fairly high chance that the person or people in game are going to be annoyed.

We’re quite a polite bunch of guys… so people might not say anything, even though they are thinking it. Really, it is just a bit of common sense required.


Jes, agreed - sorry! Working from home so am in “polite and over-state cos I dealing with clowns” mode.

Mic - agreed on the keyboard - mine is noisy AF! :joy:

Don’t think anything else needs said about this now. We are all on the same page from what I can see. I will like at make a few me channels when I can later

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My post wasn’t a dig at anyone… just highlighting various things we’re all guilty of at one time or other.

There have been many times, I have been speaking to my wife during game and a reflex makes me click the PTT button.

There are other times when I speak where I think I am jesting but others are too polite to tell me to STFU as its winding them up.

NOOO don’t spoil it for me. I love how everyone is super serious about this and this thread is growing by the second. Your molehil is the size of Mt. Fuji I would say, if it keeps going you guys reach Mt. Everest.

To be fair I only use voice activation but I hardly play competetive games anymore :smiley:


And I don’t like hearing you fart :disappointed_relieved:

I hate answering my phone at my desk; i find myself pushing ptt every damn time, though i think i’ve only done it a few times while actually on teamspeak.

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So last night, I gave old PTT a shot with Xander on PUBG. We died, mostly because I hadn’t pressed the PTT button to tell him the location, and the rest because we’re shit. But I ended up putting it back on VA, we could communicate easily, we were all having decent banter while playing the game. Occasionly when I was vaping it would transmit that, but if it was too much and drowning out the game, I simply muted myself. There ended up being a few guys in the channel with us, and at no point did anyone raise a point about the PTT, partly due to the fact I believe myself and Xander were in there gaming already when they joined.

I’m not a fan of PTT because during a firefight you don’t want to be having to press more buttons, potentially restricting what you can do in game (ie aim, because I’m shit and can’t multitask). Once I was dead, I simply muted myself using a hot key which tbh I find is a much easier solution.


Personally. So used to PTT its second nature. Chose not use Voice Acvtivation so to avoid situation of the misses giving me grief for you all to hear! Be like one of those kids on youtube gaming videos when you hear his MOM shouting at him to go to bed or get his dinner and the kid throwing a tantrum.


Yeah, it is bad enough when I accidentally transmit our dogs barking or Po shouting.

Another things with the PTT ‘thing’ - It also comes down to your microphone. If you have a high quality omni-directional mic and you’ve set it up correctly, then there is a high chance that you can get away with VA. Again, you need to spend time with the setup of VA to make it sensitive enough to just pick your voice up and not your family member downstairs watching TV.

I think the long and short of it is this: If you can setup VA properly and have a mic that is good enough for it - then use VA. At the end of the day, if we can’t tell the difference, then bonus. @mars brings up a good point about muting - worth doing if you VA.

If you can’t do that and if you are transmitting regularly - and lets be honest - you can’t tell when you are doing it yourself - then people should feel free to ask you to use PTT

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Can’t this conversation be boiled down to “if you’re loud as fuck, dont be, some of us are being tactical” and “can you not breathe down the mic as if you’re darth vader?”

I’ve frequently jumped in channels and talked shit and everyone has rightly gone “dude, shut up we’re trying to listen”.

So I think we’re pretty much in a solid place with this already. I love how everyone is agreeing in different ways :wink:

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Everyone loves pleasing trouser time
No one likes to hear piss sploshing the ceramic