Terminator 2: Judgement Day 3D

Ah, T2, an absolute classic! Seen it more than a dozen times and never really gets old.

I had heard that it was being re-shown some time this year in 3D and thought “that would be cool to see in the cinema”… lo and behold, it was showing this week!

Went to go see it on Wednesday night with Nicola and conveniently enough, the cinema also had a deal on tickets - €5 each. Happy days.

The algorithms that they’re using for re-creating 3D in films made before the technology was available has really come on. Some scenes looked utterly awesome and new in comparison to how they were before. Hell, they even managed to put Arnies face on the stunt double when he does the jump on the bike while chasing the T-1000 in the truck!

If you get a chance and your local cinema is showing it, I’d heartily recommend going to see it. Even just to see T2 in the cinema rather than on TV or your PC :slight_smile:


Nice one dude! I read about this and was like oooo. However I don’t do going to the cinema haha. Buuuut, they did also announce they’ll be releasing it in 4K! So I’ll definitely be jumping right on that :smiley: