Terminator: Resistance

Any one played this?

Feels like it was made 10 years ago but not exactly in a bad way. Difficulty bounces from piss easy to ‘holy shit I’m actually fighting a terminator’, dialogue system feels unnecessary as do the other RPG elements, but its actually a decent game. Well worth it if you can grab it for less than £20.

Really reminds me of these gems I bought from the local flea market in the late 90s:



Just got chased in to a burned out garage by a Termi I hadn’t spotted while I was killing his mate. No energy weapon ammo left just my M16, died with a big red message flashing on the screen ‘WEAPON INEFFECTIVE’. Seriously shit a brick as it stepped around the corner I was crouched behind and executed me.


Not played but a few you tubers i follow said it shocked them as it was quite a good game

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CD Keys £19.29 STEAM £20.99 are the two cheapest (& reliable) sources.

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Sure I saw @ChEd playing this which prompted me to look at some youtube of it. I liked the look of it.

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I enjoyed it but it does have that old skool feel to it like you say. Its satisfying staying out of sight of the terminators to stay alive and stealth your way to the objective.

They nailed the feeling of dread in the early game as your standard firearms do nothing to the terminators dotted around the place and patrolling areas. Even getting discovered by a small drone makes you panic that its going to call a T800 over.

Even when you get plasma weapons you can’t take on multiple terminators head on and you have to make head shots to put them down faster which I also appreciated!

I recently fired it up again as the devs put in a new infiltrator mode (2 years after it came out and completely for free) where you are a terminator! Super fun game mode and I left the red terminator vision toggled all the time (you can turn it off) because I’m a frickin’ terminator!


Keep getting really overconfident and forgetting to watch my ammo counter. Took on an outpost like I had a set of brass ones and ran out of ammo just taking out a couple of turrets. Busted out the satchel charges and in a panic tried to take out two T-800s only to miss, hit the wall in front of me and then press the detonator without thinking, mincing myself.

Took out my first hunter killer too. Really satisfying, but aside from the HK I really can’t see a reason to carry a launcher. Throwing bags of piss at the infiltrator would do more damage than the 14 rockets I threw at the bastard. Took two rockets just to kill a turret!

Had another brown trousers alert - missed the T-800s on the level above when I swept the level I was on with the goggles. Ran upstairs and to a door, decided I’d reload before opening it and boy am I glad I did. The door splinters, I fill my pants and four T-800s come storming out. Thank cyber jesus for can grenades!

I really enjoy luring T-800/etc over to plasma containers and blowing them to pieces. Managed two T-800s and an armoured spider drone with a double stack at one point.


When you go to Baron’s quarters to talk to her, she is absolutely suggesting you bang. If you choose to bang, you’ll have to watch a 30 second unskippable shagging scene. I was rushing the dialogue because its bed time and spammed enter all the way to pound town.

I have no words.


This dude is a complete slag. Another shagging scene, atleast if you do the dialogue options to get Jennifer to leave. Guy needs to stop focusing on his dick and start focusing on killing Arnie.

Edit: Ran through the campaign and Infiltrator mode a second time to pick up the last few achievements and try to get a perfect ending. Accidentally skipped through the Jennifer final dialogue and convinced her to stay, so her and the kid died but I got all the other ‘positive’ endings. Very enjoyable, would be great to see more content and/or sequel.