Tesla autopilot tricked into driving car into incoming traffic


“Researchers have devised a simple attack that might cause a Tesla to automatically steer into oncoming traffic under certain conditions. The proof-of-concept exploit works not by hacking into the car’s onboard computing system. Instead, it works by using small, inconspicuous stickers that trick the Enhanced Autopilot of a Model S 75 into detecting and then following a change in the current lane.”

That’s terrifying and shows a fundamental flaw with the technology.

Full article: https://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2019/04/researchers-trick-tesla-autopilot-into-steering-into-oncoming-traffic/


Defeated by stickers. Damn.


The flaw is with the road designs. We need new lines. Lines that cant be emulated by trickery stickery.

I wouldnt trust an auto car at the moment but do find it interesting development and certainly one for the future. Johnny cabs for teh win.