The aged old debate PC or console

So with previous console generations it has always been a given that PC can though raw power out preform a home console. That being said console have always had some advantages that the specs are the same so it’s ‘easier’ to make games for.

With the xbox series X ( stupid name) and the PS5 the systems are pushing hard on integrated custom SSDs on the board they are doing that in theory current PCs can’t. The new tech will eliminate load times and pop in.

Whats you alls take on this? i know i did a bad job of explaining it but the more tech savvy amongst us will know i hope .

Well its not new tech. They are just putting in normal SSDs. Its a matter of cost, the cost is going up as they are putting newer and better HW on to the consoles. The advantage that has been there with consoles is that they are easier to optimize for(not code). They are still not going to be as powerfull as a full blown PC.

The next Generation of consoles are for once actually using new technologies, the CPUs and GPUs are a mix of current/new AMD stuff. For the first time it will very much so bridge the gap between them, granted one of the consoles still will cost less than majority of PC GPUs alone, so for raw perf output, PC will still lead the way.

As far as game development goes, first party titles having upwards of 5.5GB/s IO throughput (PS5) will lead to more advanced game design that will not be possible on PC as they still have to cater for HDDs and I dont see PCs having a requirement to use M.2 4.0 SSDs for games.

i was incorrect sorry, the PS5 has custom HW on the board to maximize the the benifits of suppported SSDs

That being said Sony as always allows the end user to upgrade and choose what thye want in there console to fit there needs. Xbox you HAVE to use a proprietary drive as if you use an external HDD you will have to move it to the internal SSD before you can play it evey time.

Not even close :laughing:

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Well looks like a custom NVMe drive. They just made their own controller. No wonder the fucking storage cost on the thing is high.

So in order to achieve what sony are aiming for, i take it a PC would need a custom built MB and SSD and for the games running on it to be coded for it?

Well, I for one, am for this. I mean - a console has ONE overall task. Games. If it can implement tech to achieve this by using more channels to handle faster data. Brilliant.

Consoles always used to be purpose built bits of kit. Same as Apple using RISC based stuff. Then it all went a bit “Lets just use Intel CPU and Nvidia GPU and build everything like a PC, regardless of application”.

Consoles don’t need to be up-gradable. They do need bleeding-edge tech (although, rarely have for some time). Software is usually behind the hardware - hopefully by around 3-5 years… So new tech comes out, the first games that come out are “meh” - and then, as developers push the tech, you get some proper amazing titles.

Spit-balling an idea: - RTX shading tech should have been reserved for console only gaming. That would have boosted console sales for people who wanted to experience it - they could have built a platform around it to maximize FPS rates. All gamers would have been in the same boat.

I think Apple are moving away from Intel to do the same thing - making their machines special again - rather than just overpriced PCs in a fancy box with their own OS. Consoles could be described as being the same.

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Why would it need that(custom mobo etc)? The PC will still be faster. The fastest NVMe drivers are random 5GB read(I’ve not looked at enterprice).
Wait and see what MS will do with their next console, its going to get interesting as they are trying to get games to work on all of the MS platforms… Trying to get to that Apple sized software delivery platform.

End of the day…

Better consoles = Better games for all.


IMHO this just holds everything back, Xbox One (normal and S) are weak as shit :rofl: Microsoft have claimed that no games will come out purely for the Series X/PC for at least two years, massive shame for PC gamers.

Look they tried it with the phone thing, but fucked it up. So this is the next step to that “Apple” money. :slight_smile:

im not tech savvy so forgive my ignorance on the workings of such things. From the PS5 tech breif video they did the SSD was layed out around the CPU and GPU i think. @VirulentPip prob knows it better then me.

exactly!! That’s why you get games like The last of us on PS3 and God of war on PS4 that are stunning looking and running games that do so on relatively low spec.

Another thing that’s becoming more marginal with time i feel is inputs. More and more games and systems are supporting mouse and keyboard on console, also with the new controller developments PC gamers if they want can benefit from them to ( PS5 haptic feedback and the Switchs HD rumble)

Even games that used to be considered only doable on PC like MMOs and RTSs are finding more love on consoles. Final Fantasy 14 and Civ VI being some of the best examples of this. Over all it’s a good time for choice and that’s a good thing.

They are using PCIE4 for that connection to the CPU. That is a standard(you will find that it was on PC first), they need it for the speed.

God of war etc were benefitting from the fact that the consoles were out for a while already, so that optimization that I mentioned would have been a great benefit. Jester mentioned as well that the first few games are meh and then the devs get used to the new platform. This makes it easier to run games as the platform does not have about a million different variables you have to take in to account.

Essentially this is not really a debate(so subject is invalid). With PC you get more than just games, the main function is not just games, where as the console is for games only.
Would it not be great if you could use the console for some other work as well.
When they come out with the new PS and the XBOX they should be able to put a lot more in to them than just games.

Who really cares what they are using. As long as the games are fun they could be using a c64 for all I care


Killzone looked amazing when it came out.

Technically the PS3 could have PC functions as it did use to support linux for a while anyway.

This was meant as a fun discussion fo the merits of both ways of playing not a pissing contest.

Reno why are you taking that piece out of context? “Jester mentioned as well that the first few games are meh and then the devs get used to the new platform.” Was what I said. This is not a pissing contest.

"The creative art director behind the original three Halo games, ODST and Reach has said PS5’s high-speed SSD tech “will make a huge difference” for world builders.

Instead of hiding environments behind scenery or lengthy corridors designed to mask load times, PS5 developers will be able to create far more expansive environments without fear of memory issues."

This stuff excites me the most moving forward.

Edit - which does make me wonder… How far are we from PC versions of multiplatform titles recommending SSDs for best performance.

They should be doing that already in AAA titles, got bored and tried loading COD off a spinning disk - holy hell that was a tedious wait for loading.

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Thats it exactly Pip. Even now they are not doing a bad job at it, look at RDR2. That is really big and not a lot of loading screens when you freeroam.
If people are still on spinning rust then it will never happen on the PC side, maybe this will push things along on that front.