The carrot that grew up


Thought I’d wonder back in and see who was still around, been a few years since I was last here. So, a quick run down of the main headlines:

  • I met a girl, left IBM and moved to Sophos (2 years this month!)
  • I proposed, she said yes, wedding next year
  • We got a house in Didcot
  • I got a too hot hot hatch (Peugeot 208 GTi by Peugeot Sport) and swapping it for a VW Up! GTi whenever they can be arsed to build it (looking like late August)
  • At the grand old age of 28 my back isn’t what it use to be :frowning:
  • Man cave now has racing wheel setup (as in, proper sim racing) which I do a hell of a lot these days
  • Aside from PC racing, I spent a lot of time being sh1t at Siege (Montague pacifist that I am) or Battlefield 1 (still loving running around giggling like a little girl with a knife/club/shovel)

CARROT! Good to see you back on fella :slight_smile:

Cue “Hotel California”…

I saw some of your updates via the book of faces. Congrats on getting engaged!

It does look like you do a hell of a lot of sim racing!

None of our backs are quite the same these days…

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Blimey. Welcome back Carrot.

And yea, congrats on the engagement

Welcome back Carrot…

Judging by your posts of face-stabbers-book, you hate the Milton Park interchange as much as I do…

If you interested, the latest game on most horizons is Hell Let Loose (currently in Alpha Testing).

If you ever about some BF1 then I am sure some of us will pop on; my gaming nights are now very limited as I am on trial with my company for a new position in their SAP team. It does mean lots of commuting from where I live (South Coast) to Abingdon (2 Days), London (2 days).

Welcome back Carrot! and congrats on the engagement!

You’re in Abingdon too then? Can’t be far from me (Abingdon Science Park?)

Sounds like you do everything right so far, Congrats on the engagement too.

Hey Dude

good to see you about again. Congrats on the mancave!! only messin, on the engagement too. Good luck.

Yep - in the MIlton Park area… we are the largest warehouse in the UK - built on the old site of the power station.

I refuse to believe that Carrot is 28. If that were true it has some disturbing implications for my own age.