The continued epic of Vred's hardware woes

Thought you lot might find this funny since I’ve been pricing up replacement parts with Caolan’s help.

Currently running a 5820k on an ASUS X99-S board with 16gb quad channel DDR4 2800mhz and an MSI 980.

For those who don’t remember: Couple of months ago my H80i pump failed and then leaked out when I removed it. The pressure of the screws had hidden the fact that a small portion of the seal around the copper CPU contact plate had breached and then spaffed water on to the CPU, CPU socket, one of the RAM slots and some of the surrounding area.

After leaving it to dry I got it up and running stably with only some static across speakers/headphones occasionally and losing 4-8gb of RAM which was intermittent - sometimes only the 4gb directly in the path of the water would be affected, sometimes that and the slot next to it.

Any way, I didn’t replace the mobo at the time because the X99-S is more expensive now than when I bought it and with the RAM would have topped out around £600-£700.

I had a look at replacing the mobo+cpu+ram in one go since the 5820k needs some overclocking love to tease the best out of it but given my track record, I don’t want to go pumping extra voltage through something that will probably go boom just having me look at it. So my thinking was to grab a bundle for around the same money as just replacing the Mobo and RAM and going for the 6700k. Turns out available bundles don’t give much in the way of options and going with my brand/other preferences would exceed the direct replacement costs.

So, having spent so much money replacing broken shit over the years my thoughts drifted to sitting on things as they are since they were stable and Kate is due a full system upgrade which I want to sort first - No such luck: BSODs, hard locks, failed boots and this morning complete failure to post several times means I’ll have to sort my broken shit out soon and probably before Kate’s upgrade if these issues worsen or persist.

So I’ve just priced up an alternative replacement, looking at the Asus X99-A with some generic Corsair dominator 3200mhz which will set me back £380 all told. Not sure when I’ll make the jump since it would me delaying Kate’s upgrade, I might see if I can stretch it out a bit longer and do my replacement parts and at least most of an upgrade for Kate.

Sometimes, I fucking hate computers.

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Boo that sucks dude, seems like computers hate you too! :frowning:

I keep on changing my mind on what to do to update my system and you are making me want to check my H60 (version 2) but I have had it for quite a while now without any issues, how old was your H80 when it died?

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Just less than 3 years old.

Kate has a second hand H110 that is at least 6 years old at this point that is making me worry.

Trouble is there is no way to know when the pump is going out, I know you can sometimes hear bad sounding noises from the pump but the fan on my radiator is so loud I cant even hear the pump!

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It was more obvious for me, I knew my H80i had failed thanks to the LED front plate and the mild pump whine it had developed - the lights went off and the pump whine stopped and it was obvious it had failed.

What I had no way of knowing was that the mounting screws and to some extent the thermal paste acting almost like a glue was keeping a leak sealed and invisible. The second the pressure was released from the last screw and the pump shifted slightly off the CPU, that was it: dibble.

Something was seriously wrong with that pump - that kind of failure plus the fact the water was yellow tells me I probably had something of a dud unit any way.

I don’t have a windowed case and the H60 doesn’t have any form of illumination on it either so the only way I’d know is the RPM monitoring as I’d get an alarm if it stopped spinning.

I’d like to do a custom cooling loop for my next build but that adds 100’s to the price of my update as I want a new case and need new mainboard, CPU, RAM, GPU and I want a decent sized M2 SSD as my system is properly old now!

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That sucks. The pump on my H60 died a while back. Replaced with a AKASA Venom A10 AiO. Has a light on it so now I know if it fails. Also set up mobo so it will tell me if the speed goes below 200rpm.
I would say you had corrosion on it if the “water” was yellow, also must have been open because of the corrosion.
Memory price is going up all of the time so you might want to get some sooner rather than later.