The Division

O hai.

Free weekend this weekend, 7 - 10 Dec. Also, can play expansions for free 05 - 10 Dec.

The game has recently had update 1.8 - I’ve not yet tried it.


I’ve updated my game while I was on the road today.

There’s a 4-player Co-op PvE game mode now called “Resistance” and I’d be fucking well up for trying it out!

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Updating now!


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Caol - already tried it. Somewhat twitchy and best off in a team designed for PvP. I wasn’t and had open world eqpt, but we still won!

I lie! I tried teh PvP thingummy in a team of 4 randoms.

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I haven’t played this for ages now.

I’d be up for squading up up and trying some new modes but I’d need to get some better gear for my character as he’s probably VERY under powered now.


Could give it a bash

That sounds fun.


@Leepants - how big the patch? need to get this updated

This, likewise.

Fond memories of early days playing this, combination of poop net speeds and move to Italy and my tiny brain getting all confused with the gear sets that stopped me playing…I shall update and see what happens.

If your character is low, shout at me and I will help level you up :slight_smile:

All depends if you had the last one too, I’d assume! I can’t remember, tbh… :’( Soz!

We would get absolutely annihilated as a squad, but it would be fun!!! I’d heartily recommend googling / you-tubing good PvP set ups, as we would need specific roles e.g. medic(s), tank(s), area denial (mines / sticky bombs / turrets) etc.

I don’t know how the MM works, e.g. team gear score is taken into account or not. Defo a “mixed ability” thing, so twitchy works, but also a sneaky git deploying mines / turrets at a flank / rear helps in my (extremely) limited experience. As I only tried it once, I only have one “map”, but as it’s part of the city, thus static, I suspect that there may only be a couple of “maps”, so my experience has a (small) degree of relevance!

Also, as Mic said, if folks need characters levelling up / gear getting, let me know and we’ll team up and do some doings, as we all get kit and can share within a squad. I have a tanky build on one character, and other one is more electronics focussed so have quick replen of skills. :slight_smile:

Its 10.59GB…:frowning:

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I am available this evening and possibly tomorrow afternoon (depends what Zorn wants of me) to help folk out. I will be on TS, will have mike, but won’t be on it much (PC in front room at the mo) so message me if you want to team up, folkses :slight_smile: I have a “run” that I get done and can also do missions, HVT and / or PvP IF required (to practise) but far prefer PVE for loot :wink:
Also can help / advise on loadouts if required. :slight_smile: :luffs:

I might give the PvE thing a go this evening, certainly over the weekend.

The PvP doesn’t interest me too much.

I r up for some divisioning on Friday evening :slight_smile:

I too am not interested in PvP but PvE sounds awesome and I want to try the “horde” mode where you fight waves of enemies.

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I haven’t managed to figure out how to get to that bit, yet! :joy: I’ll see waht I can find out and have a bash. :slight_smile:

downloaded the free trial and was enjoying it untill i did a ‘dungeon’ group with people to kill dudes in a carpark … it was awful more bullet spongy then destiny and got to a harder fight and kept all dieng so i quit the game after that jut mehh

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Rich, it VERY much depends on your build, mate. And where you shoot them. And your skills / perks.

i get that for games but this was the intro to the game still was playing less then an hour before i got put in there and it should have been a better intro experiance

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