The Division


Damn the event… PC to be dismantled due to decorating/carpetting :frowning: Gonna miss most of it cries


So far it isn’t nearly as good as the last one, if that is any consolation.


I’ll grind a few of those crates and hope for the best as I would like to get one or two of those masks. However, it’s hardly game-changing. I got one of the classified gear pieces, but it was only level 274, so I might have to tinker with gear settings before I open another crate.


Caol - can only get 6 piece benefits from an entire 6 piece of Classified Gear - it can’t have any “non-gearset” items and some of the 6-pieces are crazy strong when all activated.


Aye, I’m using an Alpha Bridge set as my main, I only need 4 pieces of the set to get all the perks from it, so I’m using standalone items in 2 slots to get their boosts (mainly LMG damage).

The GE is seriously stacked in my favour.

Remain stationary/behind cover? Big Alejandro gets a damage stack anyway up to 50% extra. GE variable stacks on top of that!

The numbers are rolling up so fast that I can’t actually keep track of how much damage I’m doing to an enemy, but I do know I dropped a Gold boss with a single belt of ammo (55 rounds)…


As Al said - I’m hitting over a million with M700 carbon headshots :joy:

I SO want an Alejandro - one of my builds is an LMG build… Oddly, I not used it in this event yet…

Also, I just solo’d the daily Event Mission on Challenging - seeker mines and turret FTW. LOTS of big shield-wielders, though, but I didn’t use my recovery link T button…

Caol, may I recommend perhaps a 2 piece nomad to go with AB - gives health back so a little extra “insurance” :wink:


Just hit lvl 19 im get to you guys one day


Oh aye, I have 3 items that give me back health. 2, 4 and 5% respectively.


We ain’t going anywhere fella :slight_smile:


Just shout and if I am free, will jump on and give you a game :slight_smile:


19, my arse :wink:

I just done one character Boss run - map here

I will do my other character in a bit (got chores to do), then I need some Div Tech, so will need to derp about in DZ… :hushed:

Dropped an Urban MDR yesterday from a GE crate, but it was a 264 gear score. Still crazy effective! Hence my desire for Div Tech - upgrade station FTW!


In work until about 4ish then house to myself tonight so I’ll be bottled up, dressed down and on The Division most or all of the night.

Plans are:

  • Normal world boss run
  • Dailies
  • Run 8 missions to finish the weekly
  • Dark Zone jaunt for named bosses and Division Tech

Any one wants to run it all with me let me know and I’ll hold off until you’re about.


Also forgot to mention that I got an actual decent pair of Skull MC gloves last night with 1000 armour, +12% Sniper rifle damage and a few other decent stats including a boost to damage and stamina from what I had - I’ll post a screenie later.

Also also, got enough Division Tech to tune my SRS to max stats which only gave me a higher gear score rather than upping any individual stats.

Popping some of the higher level gold enemies with two +1mil headshots is hilarious fun.

Also also also - Any one else been getting lots of Epic drops? I’ve had four or five in the two days I’ve played. Crazy.


I’ll be on later for my first game since the last time there was a global event on!

I managed to get two red gear set items last time but the stats are pap so I just chucked em in my stash for messing around with later.

I need to find some better gear for my character and I really want to find a better long range rifle than the one I have at the moment!


Dive in with me if I’m on and I’ll do what @Leepants does and share out any gear that is useful to you. I’m not looking for any new specific kit just anything with better stats really so you’re welcome to whatever I have before I scrap or sell it.


thanks to @NaloaC @MicJules @Leepants for the epic power lvling and gear help now lvl 30 and score level 279 :smiley:


Reno much easier when you get carried on that one, right! :slight_smile: Othewise it is a massive grind. Took me hours when I did my second char.


Top going mate, I’ve only just broke 281!


Well, having never seen an MDR, I got another one from a crate, with 280+ gear score… Quick roll, and it’s decent! About to go and derp about. I got a liitle cross character kit-moving to do to get a plus for DZ loot. However, I’m happy to not DZ as I also want more GE!

Anyone googled / reddit’d to see waht is the most efficient GE credit grind in this GE?


I’m just running down HVT’s and some bosses for GE.

What’s the best way of getting Target Intel?

EDIT NVM, Search & Destroy ops seems to be good for getting it done quick.