The Division


HVT, helping civvies.


@vredesbyrd - some good games tonight - we gotta work out that Dragon’s nest…

I think we clumped together too soon - I think we needed to take down the total wave before the fire room of death appears.

Willing to give this another go soon but need to spend some time with the wifey!

Thanks to @ChEd and @Leepants

Also where is @spoonlamp?


Re-downloading this because Caolan said 1.8 is really good, and Destiny 2 keeps fucking up their game after the release (which is heartbreaking for me).

Probably be around wed eve if anyone is about.


At the in-laws :slight_smile:


M&therf*ckers… account has been changed by someone.

2 step authentication switched on. can’t changed name for 30 days pffftttt


Ouch, that sucks Mic! At least you were able to get it back!

I have had 2FA on my uplay account for ages, its a good way of avoiding issues like this.

  • Name change
  • Deleted friends
  • No other details changed
  • Play time on one of your games that isn’t yours? (Check this in the ‘add friends’ section and see which game people pop up for)

This the case with you?

If so, exact fucking thing happened to me.


I’ve set up 2FA on my account now as well. Nothing has happened, but being pro-active!

Hope nothing dodgy happened with your account Miccles.


@MicJules it would be worth posting up what your name has been changed to especially if your friends list has been purged and you need to resend friend requests.


Yes name changed to Gooffy47

Lost most friends - some are still there. Very odd offerings for new friends @vredesbyrd

My loadout had changed and I only have the Division for uPlay.

Can you all add me as a friend please?


Can’t tell apart from my loadout has changed.


I’ve not touched it in a while but I’ll be sorting this 2fa thing when I get home tonight…


I did a load of “Search & Destroy” missions to grind out some Target Intel for HVT hunting for quick GE credits.

Managed to get one large crate and opted for 2 smalls.

Result: A double-barrelled shotgun and some gear I won’t use. Oh, and Ferro (main burner) mask.


I just want the fucking vanity masks!


I got one today, Cage mask


Small crates aren’t worth having, I believe. :sleepy:


Go in to the intel section and look at the GE awards/achievements/challenges and scroll through the list looking at the rewards. You have to do specific things to get them and they all have 4 stages of types of kill you need to get. The two I remember are:

  • Kill enemies standing still using Ambush

  • Kill enemies while moving

These have to be done in the GE missions from what I’ve read and are not possible in non-mission settings, at least according to what I’ve read/watched.

I’ll likely not be getting any of them so you’ll have to screen them if you get them.


Well, I got the Cage mask as well.

I wish I had known about the rewards requirements earlier! I thought they came in fecking crates!

Just been running S&D missions and HVT ops. Get a shit-load of GE credits that way in a short time frame, rather than running missions.

Ran the Lincoln Tunnel on Challenging solo. That was a bit of a head-wreck when you’re boxed in, but won it in the end :slight_smile:


Found some guides if you are struggling to work out The Division or are new to Level 30.

Each build takes into consideration the types of weapons and gear you should equip, as well as skills and talents. Skills are the active abilities you can use in battle, and you can equip two from any of the skill trees, plus a third ‘Signature’ skill. Talents are passive buffs, and the further you are through the game you more of them you can equip.

While you might be tempted to dive straight into multiplayer bouts, it is worth getting through The Division’s campaign, which is actually pretty good, first. It is set in a near-future version of New York City in which a deadly smallpox pandemic sweeps through on Black Friday after being planted on already-filthy money (always wash your hands after handling cash, folks). The area is placed under quarantine while the United States government activates its collection of sleeper agent operatives from the Strategic Homeland Division - otherwise known as The Division.


No one about tonight :frowning: tried to taken down a HVT - Tulip but f*ck me… 4 waves and then 4 heavy armoured dudes… need many to take them down.


Did you go for the highest ranking HVT?

I work my way through the list from easiest to hardest. If I fall short of Target Intel, I do Search and Destroy to get the necessary TI. It’s a damn sight faster than fannying around trying to find civvies in need of help.