The Division


If you fail a HVT you get at least one more pop at it. I failed one and thought I’d lost the Target Intel but when I went back it was still active.


That’s true for most of them, you have to go back to a HVT agent to re-activate the mission.

There are 3 or 4 “Hard Targets” from the Weekly HVT vendor that you only get one chance at. They also cost about 29 TI units. I got lucky doing the highest one on Monday as all the Yellows were Combat Engineers, so they weren’t too aggressive.

Also, I optimised Allejandro to gear score 285 now. Slightly increased the LMG damage to targets out of cover and a tiny increase in RoF.


So it’s getting on for being a bloody laser beam at this point?! :smiley:


I can’t do MASSIVE insta-damage like you can with your insane SR, but I can lock on a target and put the hurt down :smiley:

Great for little groups of smaller enemies as well as they roam the streets or become activated by an encounter.


It was near the end of my game and killed a top level “daily” and went for the Weekly but dam, you need help for them


The Weekly HVT I did was tough as hell and I made it through by the skin of my teeth.

I think I went through 15 yellow (Epic) Combat Engineers, but thankfully they all come from more or less the same direction. Just a matter of luring them forward in ones and twos.

Once you do a good few of the S&D/HVT missions, you learn where to choose the missions from. I use the two safehouses in the SE for the S&D as the combat zones are nicely confined so I don’t get flanked. It also means I get a couple of named bosses too along the way for free. Running 3 sets of S&D gets you about 20-25 Target Intel points.


Fannies :stuck_out_tongue:

I did the top 2 HVTs solo, no dramas. Mind, tbh, I was lucky (or clever… nah) with positioning. Aaaaaaaaaaaaand when running solo, I run seeker mines (with seeker damage plus and seeker explosion radius plus, as well as explosion perk) and normal turret. I beleive that your gear perks carry to your skills, so I carry 3 purple stamina mods with +4% damage to elites, as it also stacks. COupled with damage to elite rolls on kit / weapons, it’s not so hard.

As I keep saying, level 30 is ALL about speccing your gear to be effective in different situations and using loadouts to quickly swap between (gear perks, gear mods, weapon stats, armour / health / electronics stats etc) to be effective.

I agree with Al - it CAN be a little too meta-centric, and tbf, I rarely change my loadouts “on teh fly” when solo’ing as my build(s) seem effective in most situations. However, when playing in a team, I change mods to ally heal, get med kit’d up, so change mods to support station range / duration / healing speed, skill haste etc to try to do a “semi-medic” role.

Seems taht electronics over 125k have a HUGE downward trend for effect vs score, i.e. spec more into armour / damage will give greater net effect.

TBH, once you have a good “basic” kit, be reet. Biggest recent advantage I have been lucky to get is teh Ninja-bike messenger bag - can have 3 gearset perks active at once, as it fills a slot of any / all gear.
For my assault rifle bloke I run 3 piece striker (I believe, it may be reclaimer - got one character one, other character t’other)), one nomad (for healing per kill to give survivability a boost from 2 piece) and I’m buggered if I can remember teh other set, but it gives 20% stability (for 2 piece), so the ninja thingy to me is HUGELY powerful.

Obviously, only one stat on it can be rolled (I rolled electronics, I think) but it can be optimised at the optimisation station. It was my first thing that I optimised, as I use it on both characters, so it’s now at its’ peak of 286 I think… May only be 285, so i didn’t drop the greatest ninjabag in the world, but by feck, I almost think it as OP as it is SO useful.


too much text?
Too long?
Too “I know it all”?


I find the top teir HVT’s really depend on where you end up having to do it when running solo.

I did a couple of “medium” rated the other night and on one of them I got overwhelmed as I ended up in a bad spot and couldn’t get outta there.

HVT’s are fun with a squad though :slight_smile:


@Leepants - I was fine til the TBH paragraph and then it was a wall of text.

As I don’t have the aptitude or patience to work out what works/doesn’t , I go with what gives me the best score.
In many cases, this serves me well but I do get overrun, West Side Piers Challenge, I died 3 times before completing the 3 waves and I am fine with that.

The Weekly HVT was punching above my weight, I was caught in the open with little cover and they surrounded me. I felt, a squad of 2-4 would have worked well to take them down.


Well I’m up for some division later today if anyone will be on.

I might play some underground, do HVT’s etc. as I’m not going to be caring about farming GE credits :slight_smile:


I will be about from 7:30 ish
Happy to do some HVT/Underground and missions, if we run into some bosses added bonus

@vredesbyrd - fancy another crack at Dragon’s Nest?

Also, can you add me as a friend - I am still known as GOOFFY47 until next month when I can change it.


I can be about later if required :slight_smile:

In about an hour from now.


For those with a crap memory or have to Alt Tab, I will post it here and to write down later.

Last night, I did a stop start Boss run, continually Alt+Tabbing to get the next boss or hints where I went wrong.

Perfect with images

Boss Runs

Bullet King located just outside Autumn Hope safehouse. As soon as you exit the Safe House head to the right. once you get to the street, Bullet King will be to your immediate left.

Sorretto is located in the Clinton district directly between the Wolves Den safe house and the Amherst’s Apartments Mission checkpoint. Fast travel to Wolves Den safe house and then from there, head toward the Amherst’s Apartments. This was a tricky one for me as I couldn’t find him

Strings located on the Train Tracks. He is directly west of the Amherst’s Apartments, one level below street level. If you fast travel the the Amherst’s Apartments Mission just head directly west and take the stairs down to the railway level and you will find him just walking along the train tracks.

Erskine is located in the Hudson Yards district directly west of the Kerman Station safe house. When you spawn in on the Kerman Station safe house head out and up the stairs to street level. as soon as you reach the top of the stairs turn around and head to the area above the safe house and climb over that wall. That will put you on the road that leads directly to Erskine.

Fumes is located in the Garment district but underground. The fastest way to get to him is to fast travel to The Cavern safe house and then follow the north entrance back to street level. Instead of heading up the last ladder that leads to the street, turn left into the door that is there. follow that hallway to the left and you will come to the Subway station where Fumes is located. BEWARE he only appears ten feet from spawn point

Fray is located in the Pennsylvania Plaza district Just south of the Base of Operations. Once you exit the Base head to the right then, turn right onto West 29th street. He will appear eventually

Five-0 is located very close to the named enemy Fray. He is located in the Chelsea district in an ally just south of Fray. From the Fray boss location head directly south to west 24th street. Across the street is walkway that leads to the ally where Five-0 is.

Belzer is located on the same block of the Napalm Production Site Mission. Fast travel to the Mission just look south down the street and you will see the intersection where Belzer is located.

Riot is located in the Flatiron district on the southern most part of the the map just below the Union Square park. No quick way to get there, lay down a waypoint by edge of map - he is around there.

Chains is located in the Stuyvesant district just south of The Ward safe house. He is tucked into the apartment complex. He’s difficult to find - took me ages to locate

Cpl Wright is located in the Gramercy district one block south of the Police Academy Mission checkpoint. Fast travel to the mission checkpoint head away from the mission to 2nd Ave. and go south, then turn left on East 23rd Street. Cpl. Wright is located on the left side of the street in a small parking lot.

Gunnery Sgt. Lewis is located in the Kips Bay district directly east of the DZ01 East checkpoint on East 31st Street. Fast travel to the DZ01 checkpoint and head straight down E 31st St.

Cpl. Dorsman is located in the Murray Hill district right on East 38th Street. Fast travel to the Queens Tunnel Camp Mission and the walk east down 38th St… on the second block; Cpl. Dorsman on the side of the street near a Hum-V. I didn’t find him…

Sgt Jacks is located in the Turtle Bay district right on the corner of East 47th Street and 2nd Avenue. The quickest way to get to him is to fast travel to The Firewall safe house and head north on 2nd Ave.

Apollo is located in the Midtown East district directly east of The Crypt safe house on 3rd Avenue. From the safe house head east on E. 52nd Street. Once you hit 3rd Ave turn left.


The positions are fixed for battles, but who you get as a boss is random.

Dark Zone 1

Location 1 This one is in the subway, in the western part of DZ01. There’s an entrance right next to the western extraction zone, on the corner of Broadway and West 32nd Street.

Location 2 This one is in an alley in the south-eastern part of the zone. It’s between E 31st and E 32nd Street.

Location 3 This enemy can be found in the middle of the street, in the northern part of the area. It’s where 5th Avenue passes into the second Dark Zone.

Dark Zone 2

Location 4 There’s a construction site in DZ02, in the southern part. You can approach it from 5th Avenue. There is a group of thugs on the ground floor – after you’ve dealt with them, climb up. The boss will be on the first floor.

Location 5 There’s a library on the corner of East 38th Street and Madison Avenue, in the northeastern corner of DZ 02. The boss is in front of its entrance, with a couple of thugs.

Location 6 This one is in the large sports store north from the extraction point, on West 38th Street.

Dark Zone 3

Location 7 There’s a JTF refueling station east of Bryant Park in DZ03 – it’s pretty noticable, with army vehicles nearby. This is where you’ll find the next named mob.

Location 8 This boss is in the middle of Bryant Park, right by the extraction zone. If you’re unfamiliar with NY, just look for a large green rectangle on the map, west from the center of DZ03.

Location 9 This one in the middle of DZ 03. Enter the subway station east of Bryant Park, then find the stairs leading to the lower level. The mob will be hiding in a train.

Dark Zone 4

Location 10 Right in the middle of DZ04, this mob is in a parking garage in East 43rd Street, between 5th and 6th Avenue. He has a bunch of friends protecting him.

Location 11 In the northeastern corner of this area, there’s a contaminated area a bit southeast of the extraction point. You’ll find your prey there, on the corner of East 45th Street and Madison Avenue, surrounded by bodies of CERA workers.

Dark Zone 5

Location 12 You can find this mob in front of the Rockfeller Center, in the eastern part of Dark Zone 05.

Location 13 Get to the eastern extraction point in DZ05, then head west. Go underground as soon as you find an entrance, then head down to the lowest level.

Location 14 There’s a military camp on the corner of West 52nd Street and 7th Avenue. This is where you can find another named boss, usually in one of the tents.

Dark Zone 6

Location 15 You’ll find another high level boss at the Mid Town Music landmark, on the corner of West 52nd Street and 6th Avenue. There’s a lot of open space here, so you can scope out the situation before committing to battle.

Location 16 This named enemy is in a building under construction in the north-eastern part of DZ06. It’s directly east of the extraction point. There will be a group of thugs on the ground floor with him.

Location 17 Go to the subway tunnels in the north-western part of the area. Use the West 54th Street entrance to get inside. Climb to the lower floor – this is where the elite mob is hiding.


Some of the DZ bosses are actually multi-bosses, the South-east one in DZ 1 is two high level gold enemies with lots of high level purples.

There is one somewhere between central DZ 2/3 that is three dudes with different classes that are at an intersection close to three patrolling AI spawns and pretty close to at least one other named group that can get really nasty - nearly wiped four of us out one time we had a jaunt in there.


I would be up for a Dark Zone incursion some time soon. I also need to watch some Youtubes to work out how we do the Dragon’s Nest.

Has anyone tried the Last Stand mission too? I would like to give this a go.


Last Stand

Basically its domination in PvP. You don’t score points unless you hold all three.



I would be uip for some DZ stuffs - I not got any real reason to play ATM - my 2 characters / loadouts are pretty much sorted. My aim would be to get weapons to deconstruct to get DZ tokens to recalibrate, tbh. Or get DZ tokens. I don’t have any 6 piece stuff, no idea how “random” the drops are nor where the chances arte greater to get a classified drop.

After spanking it so hard when teh GE was on, I have lost a little impetus / fun. Also going through a “meh” patch mentally, tbh, so impetus for owt is lacking. Be reet.

As Mic, a couple of “helps”, perhaps.


New 2.44GB patch to fix the AlphaBridge gearset bug