The Division


Did the D/L - didn’t know of an AB bug! :hushed:


All over Youtube… need two savesets and it could apply the alphabridge characteristics to the other load if done in a particular way


Getting used to using MDR (now max optimised) and tis bonkers! Also sporting a max optimised Liberator. However, I got another MDR to fiddle with too! Also got Barrets vest and an m700 carbon to optimise, so DTech is my priority now.
Second character is an LMG build, so haven’t done masses with that one (yet), apart from, when time permits, to do a second boss run to get weapons to dismantle, as DTech is combined across all characters on one account.

I should really get another character going too, aiming to maximise to 4… As blueprints carry across characters, it shouldn’t be too difficult to get some half decent kit whilst doing open worl levelling gubbins :slight_smile: Thoughts?


I have two characters, one where I am reasonably happy at 283 but my other is only level 14 and have most of the missions to do.


Daily Challenging is hard! lol Died 4 times - the “extras” are teh big heavy gunner whangers…

In better news, the pair of gloves on my AR build are now 293 gear score, and aren’t yet maximised… :hushed::sunglasses:


I am now enjoying The Division again and struggling to play other games even though I want to.

It would be good if they did a Global Event every month for a week to allow for special drops (not new gearsets)


RNG / drop rate for “normal” crates is low, but because I sell most gear I buy a lot of crates, and the drops for exotic isn’t great, even from Bosses. Tend to be the “shit” items, e.g. gloves, mask or holster. I don’t know the drop rate for the proper stuff, e.g. Allejandro, ninja bike etc in Open world, or if it’s even possible outside of teh DZ.


I still can’t believe I got Allejandro from a random drop! :smiley:


Shup, yeh?



My “useful” exotics have come from GE crates…


Video kicks in after 2 mins



I don’t think I’d be lasting too long trying to solo resistance!

I’d be up for some group resistance mode though as I have never played a round of resistance!


I tried a solo - twas tricky! I messed up (timing is key, as is crowd control skills) the timing so I dodn’t get to a high enough level to get the rewards… MANIES YouTube vids on how, but execution I found tricky. Eye fink cos YouTubers only show the win sequence, and not the bajillion failures to get to taht point…

So, as a time / reward process, I not convinced. For a time / exotic (potential) process, then they probably right.


New patch coming at some point - detail here.

Sum up - drop rate for exotics and gearsets is doubling (still only up to 6%); more div tech from supply crates; classified gearsets from supply crates; classified gearset cache available to buy with phoenix credits from vendors; daily and weekly missions have chances to drop classifieds and more div tech.


I have but only to wave 6 before the timer ran out


Well, I can’t get past wave 8, annoyingly. 2nd “hack teh computer” thing. Mind, I keep forgetting to switch to Defence build for it… :rage:

I need to rewatch videos…

EDIT:- Seems I don’t need to hack the thing. That’s the “secret” to get level 2 Pier cache unlock thing. Stupid boy.


Seems like there’s another Global Event starting in 2 days around midday…


have you got a source? can’t seem to find any info on it


Yeh - in game! :rofl: