The Division


How long does it last and what date does it start?


No idea and in one day, 16.5 hours. Roughly. :slight_smile:


yep found it… so sometime Thursday


Pants - what’s the timer on?


Some sleuths in The Division caught a hint of an upcoming Global Event while checking the GE vendor in the game. The timer until the next event showed it should be starting next Friday. Soon after, The Division’s twitter confirmed such a thing will be happening, with a slightly altered launch time.


@NaloaC, @vredesbyrd, @Kate, @Leepants and @spoonlamp - a chance to get those face masks - every weekend in March!

@Noz_UK - what level is your character again?


Fekin facemasks…

GIVE ME ALL THE GEAR AND A BIG ALI!11!!! Bitches. i don’t have one single 6 piece set :’(

Again, bitches.


I have some of the exotics gear set - the bag and gloves…


No no, i mean an entire 6 piece set of Classified gear.

The gear with the little folder in the pic. And 6 of the same set, e.g. 6 reclaimer, 6 Nomads resolve…


I knew you meant that… I just gloating that I had some of the exotic gearset that tis out there… ninja bag is a god send!


Lulz. I got about 6 sets of gloves, 3 ferro mask, barretts vest, 2 holsters, ninjabike, the kneepad things… So yeh, i can make a complete exotic set. The amount of fekin gloves I have sold… stupid crappy exotic drops. DROP MORE GOOD / USEFUL EXOTIC GEAR. BITCHES.

And teh amount of tenebrae / cadeuceus that drop… Feels like about 5 - 8 times of “shit” exotics than decent gear…


Not yet on - workSkype being used and shitty tinterweb…


make you feel any better I r still at work and the snow keeps falling


FFS don’t be falling over - makes your hands hurt. A LOT. :’(


Taken from the Division Web Site:

01/03/2018 12:00 PM

Happy 2nd Anniversary, Agents!

The Division’s second birthday is almost here, and we think there is no better way to celebrate than with some Global Event and Twitch Drop madness! We are excited to say that throughout the entire month of March, Global Events will be on rotation each weekend with the following schedule:


Start Date/Time: March 1st, 17:00 UTC
End Date/Time: March 5th, 08:00 UTC


Start Date/Time: March 8th, 12:00 UTC
End Date/Time: March 12th, 08:00 UTC


Start Date/Time: Match 15th, 12:00 UTC
End Date/Time: March 19th, 08:00 UTC


Start Date/Time: March 22nd, 12:00 UTC
End Date/Time: March 26th, 08:00 UTC

If you would like more information on the Global Events, please visit our blog. We want to thank our community for the past two years as dedicated agents of The Division, and we hope everyone enjoys the March celebration!

The Community team will be streaming a lot during the month, so we’re taking the opportunity to give out Twitch Drops all throughout March! Tune in to our Twitch channel (don’t forget to follow us and turn on the notifications so you don’t miss anything!), and the more hours you watch, the more rewards you get your hands on! Starting on March 2nd, and ending on March 30th, we’ll be giving out:

Watch 30 minutes: 3 Cypher Keys
60 minutes: The Asher vanity outfit
90 minutes: 3 Cypher Keys
Every 30 minutes you watch after that, up to 6 hours: 5 Cypher Key Fragments

In order to get the Drops, you need to connect your Ubisoft account with your Twitch account first. You can do that in a few clicks on the Ubiclub website.

Remember that you don’t have to watch all of that in one go – the time is counted throughout the whole campaign. So tune in whenever you want, come hang out with us, celebrate and get some cool rewards!

/The Division Dev Team


FINALLY did it - got to wave 8 on Pier 93. Was a bit close, mind, and gutted as I only managed to get Level 1 Pier cache - I thought I had got level 2 :disappointed_relieved:


@MicJules Just checked now and i’m Level 23, hoping to catch up on some gaming this weekend, so might jump on Division and grind a few more levels.


Noz - I may be about too. We’ll soon get you up to L30 :slight_smile: Are you Noz_UK in game?


Yh pretty much Noz_UK throughout gaming tags if not _ will be space or just NozUK but only a few dont allow those characters.


Friends requests incoming