The Division


Enjoyed this afternoon! Thanks Michael and Noz. Glad we achieved our aim!
Noz, now it gets tricky, as you know! Pve is striker, stack crit chance and damage. Electronics and stamina too. Don’t really need firearms, so long as every bullet hits. Look at widdz and marcostyle on YouTube for builds and, more importantly, how mechanics work. I can’t help in pvp in dz, I’m afraid, as I don’t really “do it”.


Also, for those who did the GE thing, don’t forget to cash in your GE credits to buy a box, but also collect box(es) from Rewards vendor in main base :slight_smile:


Between the sheer number of jobs posted for the game and the types of positions advertised, it sure sounds as though Ubisoft have major plans in store for The Division - although it’s not clear whether that’s in the form of expansions to the existing game or a full sequel.


Cheers @Leepants & @MicJules for helping level up to that magic 30, much appreciated, really enjoyed playing Division on PC, as a previous Division player on PS4, was nice to play it all again, and now look forward to the grind (again!!!) but yh Widdz is a very good player often watch his streams, didnt realise that Massive offered him a job as well, and yh MarcoStyleNL is another i followed in the beginning, but will defintely look at builds again, so much has changed in 1.8.

Again guys thanks for your help, and will get back on the game this week, hopefully get tooled up for the GE Weekend :slight_smile:


@Leepants yh the pvp in DZ got a bit crap, enjoyed the early days, but too many hackers now, well was then, so didnt enjoy it as much, but really preferred the PvE tbh


I would like to try some of the incursions, dark zone bits when we have a group of us on.


The Division is two years old, but it looks like it might have plenty of life left in it if some of Ubisoft’s new job listings are any indicator. Ubisoft has posted 25 job openings at Massive Entertainment in Malmo, Sweden, the studio that developed and maintains The Division.


It’s for Division 2, I suspect. Marcostyles latest video is saying he will slow down his videos as there will be less content released (map is full, classified gear is done,etc).
As for the grind, is done! Now is all about rng, exploiting it and using the mechanisms to get the gear. Also, meta is a thing, especially the difference between solo and team.And also dz.


A good read if you don’t really follow the “builds”


Mic - it looks like that article is 2 years old, buddy, so I don’t know how much relevance there is due to the meta changes with every major patch / update.


Exciting times for Division :slight_smile:


Update 1.8.1 will roll out to the live game in April, and add two new global events, Legendary difficulty for two more existing missions, and will apply some tweaks to the loot drop rate. The legendary difficulty mode is being added to Grand Central Station and Amherst.


I have to say, that rendered video for D2 left me terribly underwhelmed.

Why not just continue to open out the map? Have the virus spread a bit beyond the confines of downtown? There are huge areas still left unexplored.


My thoughts exactly. I was hoping that they would continue to do that; perhaps they will do that but it sells more if you put a 2 on the box


Full size for roadmap for Division 1


The Division’s second birthday is finally here! We have been hard at work since the launch of the game and have some news to share with our community. Yes, there is a Division 2 that is currently under development by Massive! The supporting studios that continue to make The Division possible - Red Storm, Reflections, Annecy - will also play roles in The Division 2’s development. More information will be revealed at E3 this year, and we cannot wait to show the world what we have in store!

This does not mean that work on The Division 1 is coming to a halt. We are going to continue supporting the game as players look forward to the following timeline of content:

April - Update 1.8.1, which includes the Xbox One X patch and the implementation of Classified drop rate changes discussed on a previous State of the Game. We are also introducing two new Legendary modes alongside a new Global Event: Blackout.

May - New Global Event: Onslaught.

June - Update 1.8.2, which will introduce two more Legendary mission modes and bring back Global Event: Outbreak. This update also marks the beginning of the brand new Shields monthly feature, in which achievements earned playing The Division will grant special rewards in The Division 2.

July - Global Event: Assault, with the continuation of Shields.

August - Global Event: Strike, with the continuation of Shields.

September - Global Event: Ambush, with the continuation of Shields.

It has been quite the journey so far, and we are just getting started. A huge thank you to our community for the support over the years. Here is to the future of The Division!

/The Division Dev Team

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Which video? the one posted by Noz about the announcement?


cough bullshit cough

But I R not bothered - I R enjoying it :smiley:

Will I get D2? HELL yes. Will I pay for early access? Probably!


See the roadmap wally!


Watch Nozs video, wally.


will get Division 2 as well, most probably the collectors edition again, but yh guess we need to wait until E3, as you all know its gonna look amazing at E3 and then so different from Release, such a ubisoft trademark.

but was interested to see what MarcoStyle and Widdz had to say.