The Division


New GE is live. Outbreak - basically, you get the fancy ammo, so fire, bleed, shock as standard. Reload = cahnge in which one.

COULD be a way of getting an incursion done… Thoughts?


Still got the division installed, whilst my character build is not the best I still have fun playing and would be up for some incursion stuffs as I have only ever done that one where you have to fight the waves and take out the APC whatever that one is called :slight_smile:


I can’t remember. I would suggest that’s not the one to try… Mebbes one with “just” enemies is better cos no techniques / ticiks involved, just shooting NPCs.


Been playing some Survival and actually won one last night! Though I think it was because I found a bug in the AI behaviour that really helped during the extraction.

Ended up as the last player in the game with the other dozen or so dropping out or being killed off. Did something different with this run:

  • Get a gun, early.
  • Focus on Medical supplies and clothing until clothing is highest level - this will completely negate the cold in parts of the map, only making you worry about the cold in the harshest/windiest areas
  • Abilities - Turret and Med station
  • Gear - get at least all Blue gear and the mask
  • Hit the Darkzone in the south-westerly-most entrance and head for the anti-virals to the south of this entrance
  • Head to the safe house south of the central extraction zone
  • Craft the flaregun and head to the central extraction zone
  • Call the chopper and immediately head to the first floor of the two-story unit immediately north-east (100/150-ish m from the pad), come around to the eastern balcony and crouch behind the cover, sling the health station out and keep hold of the turret until the nasty ones arrive.
  • STAY PUT. COMPLETELY STAY PUT, until the chopper is fully landed.

The AI that arrive don’t seem to be want/be able to come to the first floor of the building I describe so if you stay put and torment them with nades/turrets, taking the opportunity to snipe if you can get them suppressed, you should stay healthy.

I killed one of the AI but didn’t see the other two that are normally there - this could have been because it only spawned one because I was last man standing, but I didn’t hang around to find out. Killed one just before the chopper landed, when the chopper was down ran to it, jumped in, got the hell out of there.

Left with 10 crates!!!

Going to be playing some more of this for a bit if anyone wants to team!


Won another one with another 10 crates!!!

Four of us extracted this time and there was only 1 Hunter at the extraction zone again that was killed off really quick. I think it must be because it’s PVE and not PVP or maybe because I’m soloing and not in a group.

Dunno, going to run some more tomorrow!


Each person that is extracting should spawn a hunter. So not sure what is going on there. When I was still playing I remember having to kill up to 5 of them to extract, it was a pain.


Yeah I read up on it to see how it is supposed to work and it seems it is a little buggy at the moment - there were actually 5 of us at the extraction but only one hunter spawned, the time before I was the only one in so that makes sense but the first time I extracted there was me and one other dude but it spawned three hunters with on of them having 5 pips of armor.



Odd my arse - HAX!11!!!"! :wink:


Anyone about this evening for a derp about? I got a Level 7 character I wanna rank up :slight_smile:


Sadly, I am still at work and won’t be in til late