The Division


I hear you, Al. I never used to pay any attention to it, tbh, but for some reason it’s this tweakery that keeps me messing about in it! However, each to their own. If you like running about shooting shit, run about and shoot shit :slight_smile:


Calm down mum :wink:

I’m just not going to go meta crazy. Shoot tings and get shot by tings.

Mans got shot.




Sorry @spoonlamp and @Leepants, i was just running around doing some random encounters!

Thanks for the assists and revives. Holy fuck but that was a mental series of firefights!!!


Yes, taht was pretty intense! lol


Yeah, you did die the moment I joined you - I was like “who’s this guy pretending to be Caolan?”



Just spotted a guy with a gear score of 290…is that event possible?!


Also, did a boss run before Kate woke up and then she jumped on so I joined her and started running the bosses again trying to be cheeky with the GE credits. Turns out that I limit her GE credit drop as well because I’ve already done it even though I’m in her ‘instance’ and the bosses still spawn.

It was limited to 2 credits per drop from 150.


I saw someone at Camp Clinton yesterday with a score of 291…


Anyone about Friday evening for a game or two?


Department Xmas paaaartaaaaayyyyy. So not around I am afraid.


I’ll be around mic, my worky christmas meal was yesterday evening!

I need to get some more GE credits to buy another crate as im just short of the 1500 I need to get another one, my first was shite!


I’ll try and book a slot so I can get on with you Mic.

Anyone else noticed that you can just keep re-doing Tunnel (and presumably the others) and getting hundreds of GE creds?


I found a thingy which seems great until I realise it’s actually worse than the ones I wear…second time this has happened from a legendary or historic or w/ever it’s called…


I got the same item and they kind of suck outside of the event. Grenade fuse times are dropped to 0.2 seconds.


Thanks for the games tonight guys - we made a new friend! :smiley: :smiley:


Yep - we did this with @vredesbyrd and @Kate :slight_smile:


Gonna get pissed and fucking hammer this tonight.


I’ve got two missions on the weekly left and thats all I have left for the weekly tasks I’m willing to do - although I’ll try a survival if anyone else is interested? - then I’m going to do a named boss run in both the normal world and then try the Darkzone named bosses for a chuckle.

I’ll check the daily tasks and bust them when I’m home.

I’ll also be more than happy to do a dickload of challenging runs on Lincoln Tunnel ahould anyone be up for it - try getting that last mask and maybe something decent out of a GE crate.

Maximum spammage either way - because I’ve exceeded 5 GE crates I’m getting 3 items per crate now and actually got an epic last night so I’ll keep grinding them while they’re available.


Happy to just be playing :slight_smile: