The Division


See, I’ve had 2 epics now and both were mediocre, really didn’t improve on anything I had


It is a few extra pennies at least to sell an epic.

On a different note: @Leepants - The shops should be resetting soon shouldn’t they?


`Think it is midnight Friday night


Meh, busy Saturday, I’ll have to look Sunday.


I’ve hit the point where wifey is now giving me grief for being “on the computer all the time”…

On a side note, I think my current goal was to improve my gear sets including getting some better weapons, and get a mask from the event. I’ve already done both just by doing Tunnel a few times with pubbers so I’m not really feeling any pressure to do anything. Although there still seems to be a locked travel point in the north to Incursion which I’ve obviously not done…


I’d like to try an Incursion but no one really seems to be up for it.

Kate and me are up for it so if two more of you are I’ll give it a bash.


There are tonnes of stuff I have not done but I am keen to try out the Dark Zone (final DLC) missions if anyone fancies this.
I would also like to try one of the incursions - will attempt in solo if no one is keen lol


I should be on Saturday depending on hangover and/or Sunday.

The dark orange gear I think you guys are talking about is classed as Exotic, not Epic. /pedant


Saturday/Sunday I may be about in the early evening (both)/afternoon (Sun) - no promises though.

What’s your gear level?

I can’t seem to get off of 274.






See this is the thing. I can put together a loadout of around 278 but none of it links and supports the other parts. I think I have 3 working builds - AR, SMG and pistol then sniper rifle, AR and pistol then LMG, AR and sawn off. I’ve also put together a LMG shottie build which I think is 277 but I’ve yet to properly try it out, very supporty role.


I have three builds but play one: LMG, Sniper rifle, Pistol.

I have my gear focused as much as I can on stability, LMG damage (Have barely found anything for Sniper Rifle damage buffs) and then Pulse and Seeker mine damage.

If I ever do switch to another load out I just end up feeling under powered compared to my main and switch back really quickly.


Thing is I only have one loadout… never really thought about setting up different loadouts.

I am currently equipped with an M60, Military Scar, UMP (I think) - I also have a shottie and another sniper rifle which I can call on that I carry around with me.

Tonight, I will spend a bit of time sorting out my character as I have lots of green that could work well together but chopped/changed and lost that.

My abilities/talents

I like to carry the first aid revive kit and switch between pulse and seeker mines.
My “T” button is a Tactical Link that boosts everyone.


I don’t really look at the final GS anymore. It’s all about the symbioses. I’m all out headshot dmg%, crit+, crit chance% so I have 4 deadeye pieces plus other 2 matching striker pieces. 2 of my deadeye are classified as well.

Rerolled my rifle for more crit as well.


Watching a video on the Incursions, it looks like mayhem but take downs on all are body shots than headshots


Then they need to work on their aim :wink:

Vred can attest to the stopping power of Ched and his Epic Exotic FAMAS and my semi (phnaaar) rifle whilst doing a world boss run the other day. Boom Headshot. :rofl:


To anyone about over the weekend - wifey said we were going up to her sisters for Saturday and Sunday night. I said no chance.
I’ll be kicking the ass all the way out of this for both those days and some of Monday morning as well


Not playing tonite?

Monday morning I should be about.


@vredesbyrd - you pissed enough yet?


I will be on again today. For open world stuff, not dz. As the event is open world and is finishing tomorrow, whereas dz stuff is always there. However, with the other 3 the dz wasn’t the forbidden ganky place is once was for me, so huge thanks to Mic, Spoony and Ch4dling for the run about. Defo wanna do more of it, mainly because I need the dz tech to soup up my kit! :rofl: :rofl: